Progressive Slot Machine Explained: How Does It Work?

Understand in this post what a progressive slot machine is and how it works once play in a casino. More information can be found here!

Whether you’re new to slots or not, you’ve probably heard of progressive jackpot slots. This may cause you to wonder whether you should play regular slot machines or progressive jackpot machines.

Chances are that you may not even know the difference between the two.

As the name suggests, the progressive slot is a term used by video slot and slot machine players and it refers to a type of video slot game.

Continue reading to find out what a progressive slot machine is, how it works, the various types of progressives, and where you can find them.

Progressive slot machines have recently gained popularity. We should say, even more so. Only five years ago, they accounted for 30% of all slot machines in a casino.

Now, What is Progressive Slot Machine?

With slot machines linked all over the world. Progressive jackpot amounts continue to rise at a rapid and exponential rate. When a player places a bet on the game.

The size of the progressive jackpot grows. When the jackpot is won, the prize disappears and the level is reset to the standard, default level. It then begins to grow over time as more people play the progressive slot game.

Because progressive slots are distributed across a network of casinos. It means that the top prize could be won by someone playing at a different casino than you.

So, How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Unlike traditional slot machines, which have a fixed jackpot, progressive jackpot slots have a jackpot that grows with each player’s spin. Each coin, in a sense, feeds the jackpot, and thus the total amount increases to a certain point.

Progressive slots are similar to lottery games in some ways: the prizes are massive, but the odds of winning are long.

So, how exactly do progressive jackpot slots operate?

They accumulate a large jackpot by putting a small percentage of each player’s wager into the progressive jackpot contribution pot.

The pot will continue to grow until a lucky winner lands the winning combination.

So, How it works?

The Contribution:

Each wager a player makes contributes a small portion to a separate pot intended to fund the jackpot (s). Typically, the contribution is a small percentage of a player’s wager. The wager is used to ‘feed’ the jackpot.

The Seed:

Have you ever wondered what happens when a jackpot winner wins and why it never starts from zero?

Progressive jackpots are supposed to start somewhere because no one would bother playing a progressive slot game with a $0 jackpot.

The seed amount is the starting point. It is what a casino or game provider promises to players.

So, if a player wins the jackpot and another player wins it the next second in another part of the world, the first player does not receive the jackpot prize.

Each casino/game supplier has its seed amount.

The prize pool, for example, could be seeded at $1 million.

Progressive slot machine winning tips:

Let’s get into the specifics of how progressive jackpots work. Following a spin, a set of random numbers is selected.

The jackpot will be activated if the correct algorithm is chosen. However, there are several ways to win a progressive jackpot.

Play with the Highest Stake:

Some online progressive slots will only let you win the jackpot if you bet the maximum amount. However, don’t be too concerned if your bankroll does not reach that level.

Many progressive games have a few levels of jackpots for lower-stakes players.

When you spin the reels on high-stakes progressive slots, you are given a ticket. The more you wager, the more “tickets” you accumulate. After a spin, if one of those tickets matches the algorithm, you win the big jackpot.

Winning a Lottery Jackpot at Random:

These jackpots can be won at any time during the game. You will not be required to play a special bonus game or match specific symbols. However, to qualify, you may have to bet the maximum amount.

Combinations of Hitting Symbols:

You must line up specific symbols on a designated pay line to win this progressive jackpot. For example, if you line up five special symbols on the 15th pay line, the jackpot may be triggered. Find the winning combination and win the largest jackpot.

Random Number Generators:

When playing a progressive jackpot slot, it’s critical to understand random number generators (RNGs). RNGs govern all online slots, ensuring fair slot play every time.

RNGs are also used in progressive slots. They decide when a jackpot or bonus game will be triggered. So, even if a jackpot has gone unclaimed for weeks, there’s no reason to think it’ll be ready to drop if there’s no must-drop jackpot deadline.

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