Most Used Slot Terms That Every Player Must Know

Get to know in this post the important slot terms if by chance you play slot games in the casino.

When someone enters the gambling world, slots are the first thing they start with because they are very easy to learn.  Slot machines don’t require too many skillsets to play. This creates a prevalent feature in all casinos globally. With that in mind, like any other casino game in the world, slot games come with their own terminologies. Knowing these terms will make your gaming sessions much more enjoyable and understandable, regardless if you’re playing online or in an offline casino. Here are the most important terms every slot player should know.


The auto-spin enables you to relax and sit back while the game plays automatically. These features set the game to auto-spin and some specific predetermined number of spins. The machine gives the command automatically. This process is not available on all slots, there are only a few slots that follow the mechanism.

Coins and Coin Size

In online slot games, a coin is used to mark the amount that you place with each bet.  In other words, coins are your in-game currency, and you should have a strong understanding of how the number of coins is converted to actual money. If we talk about “coin size,” it refers to the actual size of the bet you’re placing with each spin. It is very important to understand the difference between coins and coin size before playing slots online in order to avoid mistakes.

Free Spins

Free spins are the certain number of spins that are provided by any casino as an in-game bonus feature as a reward. The free spins are a part of the best online casino bonuses.

Loose Slot

The loose slot is a term that is used very frequently in online slot machines. If a slot machine pays out more often and more money than normal- it is known as a loose slot. It’s sort of an urban myth, as there’s no real metric that can help you determine if a slot is loose, tight, or normal.

Maximum Bet

In slot machines, the betting option automatically selects the maximum betting amount you will place for any particular spin. You should be very careful when using robust and scalable clots. Sometimes, it eats your whole budget by maximizing it.


A pay line is the betting line in a slot machine where a combination of symbols showcases the outcome of every spin you make. Some old slot machines only had horizontal pay lines. But, modern slots have several types of pay lines in different shapes and directions.

Pay Table

The pay table is the map of any slot that includes all of the necessary information you should know when playing a specific slot. It shows you all available symbols, available characters, bonuses, and various features. It is very important that you should get familiar with the slot pay table before entering the game. Pay tables also play a vital role in video poker as choosing the right game variations can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Pick Me Bonuses

Similar to free spins, pick me is also a bonus type that you will come across in various slots.

It’s a multi-choice mini-game in which you choose between different icons or images to uncover mystery prizes behind each one.


A reel term is used very frequently in slots. It marks the vertical position on the slot’s grid labeling symbols. Reels come with every slot game, no matter how complex or easy the game is. They are one of the most important aspects of every slot machine. Modern slot game consists of a variety of extra features such as rotating reels, cascading reels, and tumbling reels.


RTP is used very frequently in any casino game. It is Return to player. This number measures the percentage that any player gets back in the long run. Different slots have different RTP values. Players always try to play for slots that have a high RTP percentage. RTP value in the 90s provided you with more money over a long period of time.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are very special and unique symbols that function very differently depending on the game you are playing. The Working of scatter symbols varies in different slots such as triggering a bonus like free spins or pick me bonus. In some other slot machines, it acts as a multiplier to help and boost your combinations to win.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are very important in l slot machine symbols. They work similarly to a joker (joker of card games). The main power of wild symbols is to replace any other symbol to help you get up a winning combination.

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