7 Best Winning Tips For Sic Bo Game Online

Sic Bo is one of the oldest online casino games that have been around for centuries.

Sic Bo is one of the oldest online casino games that have been around for centuries. Yet, its popularity has not slowed down and is considered one of the most loved casino games in both online and land-based casinos.

People love it because of its simple rules, engaging gameplay, and wide range of betting options. If you are also fond of Sic Bo game online and want to have an engaging gaming experience then you need to have your hands on viable Sic Bo winning tips. We’re going to help you in this part through this blog.

Sure Shot 7 Sic Bo Winning Strategies For You

Next, we’re going to talk about expert-recommended Sic Bo strategies that you can use to bag a victory.

Lay your faith on Small or Big Sic Bo Bet

Out of all the bets, our recommendation is to bet on Small or Big bets in Sic Bo. This Sic Bo winning strategy works in multiple ways. For instance:

  • These two bets are low-risk bets and the winning probability is very high, 48.61%, compared to other bets. So, you will have a better winning possibility.
  • The house edge of Small or Big Sic Bo bet is only 2.78%, which is also lower than amongst all the types of best.  Hence, you will receive more money per wagered amount.
  • The payout of Small or Big Sic Bo bets is 1:1, which is a decent payout amount. If you bet $20 and win then your payout will be $40.
  • The rules of Small and Big bet are easy to understand and not at all confusing.  This simplicity makes it easy to manage your bankroll and make strategic decisions during the game

Try Combination Bets

If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t want to keep your focus on one type of bet always then using combination bets is an assured way to bring diversity in the gameplay and even increase your winning probability. Combination has a lower house edge, 2.77%, and a high payout. In addition, it has a 62.50% winning probability, a decent payout of 6:1, and a good balance between risk and reward. As you have 15 types of combinations to bet upon, this bet provides great versatility.

Combination bets can be effectively combined with other Sic Bo strategies, such as the 1-3-2-4 betting system, to further optimize the chances of winning

Make High-Risk Bets in Smallest Denominations

No matter what, Sic Bo is a game of chance and luck has a key role to play in this game. So, there is no assured of winning. But, when you’re making high-risk bets, you need to make sure that you’re making these bets in small denominations.

 Making high-risk betting in small denominations helps punters manage their risks by outing only a small amount of money at risk. 

When you’re making high-risk bets in small denominations, you can conserve your funds and use them for more bets.

By wagering in small denominations, players can still win significant amounts even if the high-risk bet does not come up frequently.

Avoid Triple Bet

Triple bet is the worst bet in Sic Bo because it has a lower winning probability, only 0.55%, which will make it difficult to bag a winning.  Unless luck is favouring you a lot, you have very less winning odds with triple bets.  

Learn Managing Your Bankroll

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re involved in online betting and want to enjoy a seamless betting experience and high winning probability then managing your bankroll is imperative. When you’re managing your bankroll, you’re ensuring that:

  • You’re playing for a long time
  • Putting only a significant amount at risk
  • You’re not wasting all your funds in a single game

This strategic move allows you to make only wise moves that will help you sustain in the Sic Bo game for a longer time.

Play With a Reliable Casino

At last, you need to make sure that you’re always playing Sic Bo online games only with trusted online casinos that are offering multiple bonuses, hosting Sic Bo games from quality providers, and conducting fair gameplays. When you make this move, you ensure that you’re not putting your money at risk and engaged in a Sic Bo game that might be rigged. 

Live Sic Bo Complete Guide: How to Play this Game?

Final Say

The Sic Bo game is highly engaging and is classic. But, it’s a game of chance and marking a win is difficult, provided you make a wise move. Our Sic Bo game-winning strategies, which we just shared, are going to help you sustain in a game for a long and boost your winning odds.  

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