Live Sic Bo Complete Guide: How to Play this Game?

This article contains instructions on how to play the live sic bo game. Read this post to find out how to play it.

The Sic Bo game is a great dice game. The game will be popular worldwide. At the same time, it will also declare a popular Asian game. In other words, the live sic bo game is a dice-pair game. The game will play on the table. Similarly, the table will depend on the layout.

The player will place the bet. Somehow the bet includes the high and the low dice feature. The player has to bet on the dice. Conversely, the player also has to predict the dice value. The goal of the prediction is to increase the winning chances. In the other case, the player has various live sic bo bet options. Bet options include the high, low, double, and triple dice. The guideline for playing the game is available in the below article.

How to Play the Sic Bo Game?

Sic BO is the famous dice game. The dice game will discover in Asia. In other words, the game is similar to roulette. The live sic bo player has to shake the three dice in each round. Before the shake of the dice, the player will predict the result. The betting range includes odd, even, high, and low bets. It will declare the total sum of the three dice. 

  • The player has to place the bet by using the chip. The area will also provide the outcome of the bet. However, the dealer has to shake the three dice close to the game roll. The dice will show the common outcomes.
  • The player will win on any number. It may also be possible that the player will win on predicted numbers. Most of the players also need to catch up in their predictions.
  • The combination of the dice is available in the game. At the same time, the player has to place their chip to bet on the table. When the chip is placed in the right box, each combination of live sic bo bet will get the roll chance. In the other case, the player will also use the information to know about the bet.
  • The bet will be available on the table. After viewing the table, the player will easily know about the odd outcomes. The player also has to remember the amount of the higher payout odd. The lower bet of odd payout will be greater than the chance of winning. In both cases, there is no winning guarantee.

Rules of the Sic Bo Game:

The sic Bo will play with the six-sided dice. At the same time, the player has to predict various outcomes. The player has to select from the available bet by placing the chip in the roulette. Similarly, the live sic bo dice will shake by the early dealer. The winning bet of the player will be paid from the odds. Likewise, the complete information is relevant to the bet will available on the screen. The odd of the boost bet is available on the screen. The sic Bo provide a variety of betting option. To play the game, you have to know about the betting option. The detail relevant to the betting option is available in the below article.

Big and the Small Bet:

One of the main bets is the small and the big bet. In the small bet, the player has to bet on the dice. At the same time, the player bet from 4 to 10. The minimum bet will be held between the 4 till the 10. On the other side, the big bet held between the huge numbers. The number starts from 11 and finishes at 17 number.

The common pay of the site is 1 to 1. The bet will depend on the smallest house edge. Somehow it will also declare as the great odd in the live sic bo game. The player also notices that the sum of the 213 and the 18 are missing. It will only happen when you bet on the small or the big. In the other case, the triple sum of the bet will generate the loss. Similarly, if the dice roll increases, the number will automatically increase in the sequence.


The game depends on the dice. The player predicts the result of the dice. The correct prediction of the player will generate its winning power. The complete information relevant to the article to play the live sic bo dice game is given above article. The player only has to read the above article to get the complete information. 

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