What Playing Positions Are Available in Poker Games?

Check this post to learn the different playing positions that are available in poker.

In a game of incomplete information, it is advantageous to be well aware of your opponent’s choice before deciding what to do. The better selections you can make with your poker hand depend on how much information you have. It would help if you had a fundamental comprehension of poker positions after having a working knowledge of poker rules and hand rankings.

There is a legitimate rationale for doing this. Keep in mind that with an understanding of how positions in poker work, it is easier to discuss other poker topics. Players of Texas Hold’em base their choices on the position. It is because it is so crucial to the game that they debate it even before seeing their cards when talking about specific hands. This article helps you to learn different types of positions in poker games.

The Button:

The ideal poker table position is the Button. In this position, the player can predict what the first three places will do and alter his play accordingly. So, the player in this one of the most important poker positions also has the benefit of being the last player to act on each street following the flip. As a result, the Button has the broadest spectrum of participants at the table.

The Hijack:

The Hijack is marginally superior. As a result of observing what players in early poker positions do before making decisions? In addition, fewer opponents are sitting behind the player. It will allow him to start incorporating more off-suit hands with blockers into his opening range.

The Big Blind:

The Big Blind’s position is the worst at the table. D to the requirement that the player place all his large bling before seeing the cards. Moreover, the player acts second on each street following the flip. Even though you will have to play a wide variety of hands and be very defensive. Especially when ants are involved, you cannot make up for throwing the entire big blind in before you have even seen your cards.

The Under the Gun (UTG):

It is one of the worst poker positions before the flip. The reason is that the player in the UTG position has the least knowledge of any player at the table. The UTG has the tightest range of all the players at the table since. In most situations, the player can only decide what to do with his hand, depending on the strength of his cards.

The Under the Gun + 1 (UTG+1):

Since only one player acts before you, there are still seven opponents waiting for you to act. Therefore, the UTG+1 is similar to the first position in the full table. In addition to this, you still need to play quite tightly.

The Under the Gun + 2 (UTG+2):

At the 9-handed table, the UTG+2 is regarded as an early position. It is the one that is the most challenging to play before the flop. Keep your range to roughly 15% of hands. It is because players in these poker positions also have the least knowledge about their opponents’ reflow play. Moreover, they are not in the best position to capitalize on the turn or river.

The Small Blind:

The Small Blind may be able to observe what other players do before them. However, this does not make up for the fact that he will be the first player to act on each street following the flop. Moreover, the player will not even be able to close the action because the Big Blind still has to act. His range is substantially smaller than the Buttons because of this. A huge disadvantage is that he must contribute money to the pot before viewing his cards.

The Cutoff:

The Cutoff is when things start to pick up. You start snatching blinds more aggressively in this one of the poker positionsThe reason is that only one player remains in the IP queue after you. You need to be successful in getting BTN to fold. So, you will be in control of the hand and able to play against the blinds.

The Lowjack:

The Lowjack and UTG are nearly identical. Since the number of players left to act at the 9-max poker table is the same as the number at the 6-handed poker table. As a result, players in this position still have a rather small selection of hands at their disposal.


Poker is a strategic game. Therefore, your position at the poker table and the options it brings must be understood. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the poker positions. Your ability to implement the ideal strategy will be strong. You may play poker successfully by making use of every position’s advantage.

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