What Is Poker Equity and Why Is It Important?

This short post will help you understand what is poker equity and its value. Read this for full info.

Poker players were classified into “math players” or “feel players” a few years ago. They are likely to become a winning player if they have a benefit in either of these areas. Nowadays, with the ever-evolving skill edge of the general player pool, you must have a good understanding of mathematical concepts like poker equity and a solid intuitive edge to stay in the game. However, equity in poker means your share of the pot at the table. 

When calculating your equity, you must know how much pot you will win. So, your equity in the game is the value of the portion of the pot that you are likely to claim. Moreover, you can easily find different ways to look at equity, but there’s only one way to calculate it. After calculating your equity, you can use the information differently to influence your play. In addition, using that information, you can also create a proper strategy. This guide will help you understand what poker equity is and why it is important. 

What is Poker Equity?

It is usually a portion of your pot at a poker table. Using mathematical calculations, you can find the percentage of time you will win a poker hand. Poker equity is different from what you will win in hand. It is what you should win, depending on many known factors. You could assign a portion of the pot to a particular player. It is more likely to depend on your current hand strength than on other players in the game. However, hand strength is not the only element affecting poker equity. 

The strongest hands equity will decrease the more players there are in a game. It is because more players mean a greater chance that your competitor could draw a hand stronger than, or at very lower equal to, an otherwise winning hand. Moreover, equity also changes after every single street. It starts with pre-flop, then flops and turns, and at the end on the river as more cards enter play. 

For example, if you have a pair of aces versus the pair of kings of your competitor, you would have a poker equity of 81.06%, and your competitor’s equity is 18.55%, with a 0.38% possibility of a tie. Consider a pot of $100, your competitor has $19, and you have $81. However, when the cards from the king, queen, and Jack were to appear on the flop, the ball of equity would move into your competitor’s court.

It is because he gets 78.48% equity, and your equity s 20.71% with a 0.81% chance of a tie. This example shows equity as the chance of you winning a particular game of poker depending on different factors. It will include your cards, what street it is, and how many players participate in the game. 

Why Understanding Poker Equity is Important?

There is no doubt that equity plays a crucial role in poker. It lets you estimate how much money you should put in the pot. For many reasons, knowing the odds of success is an important skill for poker players. If you can calculate the poker equity, you can increase your jackpot winning chances. The fact is that there is a huge importance of folding hands with little possibility of winning.

It is because even very powerful starting hands may lose value quickly based on the flop. Therefore, you are likelier to play hands with the lowest winning chance if you don’t know poker equity. You can also play that hands ought to be folded due to their poor value. In any case, you are just wasting your money Understanding poker equity is very important for many reasons than just avoiding losses.

Using equity to determine when to play more aggressively would be best. So, when the equity is low, you don’t need to put much money into the pot. To increase the pot, you must also understand when equity is high. If you do so, you can’t make the most of your strong hands.


An equity calculator is one of the most accurate ways to calculate equity in poker. They are easy-to-use tools and will provide detailed information about your winning chances depending on your hand. They also tell you about your opponent’s hands and the community cards. Poker Equity is one of the most basic and useful strategy components that separates the players who use skill to increase the value of their hands.

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