What is 3-Way Betting, and How Does It Work in Cricket?

Find out in this post what 3-way betting is and how it operates in cricket. For a deeper understanding, read this article in its entirety.

Like other major sports, betting on cricket has its language. For example, “3-Way Betting” sounds interesting, but what does it mean? You can bet on all three possible outcomes of a cricket game. This is most obvious in test cricket, where one team can win or share the win with the other.

With 3-Way Betting, players have to think more about the upcoming game, which may be a benefit in and of itself. The odds may also be better. The draw is also something to think about, and it might be useful on its own, so keep that in mind. Cricket is playing in situations where bad weather is much more likely to affect the game than when football or rugby is playing. When hours of playtime are lost, the chance that the game will end in a tie increases. Similarly, if both teams have a lot of good batters. They might stay at the crease for a longer time, which is another reason to think about drawing the match.

In test cricket, the three-way bet is one of my favorites because it makes you think about other possible outcomes. The range of things that are looking at has grown, and finding out which club has the most talented players is just one of many things that are taken into account.

When playing limited overs cricket, the chances for both teams to win are usually good. Even though the game’s rules don’t say that a tie can’t happen, online bookmakers rarely give their customers the chance to bet on a tie. Instead, if both teams end up with the same score, they can decide to use their “dead heat” rules.

Which Sports can be Bet on in three Ways?

Any sporting event where a tie is a possible result can have bets on all three outcomes. This is often seen in sports like football, where ties happen more often. Rugby union is another choice but draws happen much less often in this sport.

In individual sports, two or more competitors may end up with the same number of points. For example, when we talk about league formats in darts and snooker, we talk about team sports. To say it again, your options for a bet with three possible outcomes for a game between Teams A and B are:

  • Team A wins this round.
  • A win for the second team
  • A Draw

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Placing a 3-Way Betting?

Because of how the bet is called, people new to betting on sports often think, wrongly, that they are making three separate bets simultaneously. All you have to do is choose one of those three options. Remember that each team has a better chance of winning in sports with three possible outcomes. This is different from tennis, where there are only two possible results.

After deciding to make a three-way bet, you should research to help pick a winner. Many things can change the outcome of a cricket match, such as how well a team is doing right now. How the two teams have done against each other in the past, and any expected injuries.

Don’t forget that a draw is also an option in this situation. Less and fewer games end in a tie in the test format of cricket, but what about the weather? Even though we can’t be sure of a prediction, the possibility of rain may cut down on time spent playing, which increases the chances of a tie. If you want to try 3-Way Betting, you should give the points in this paragraph a lot of thought.


Bettors new to cricket might find that the 3-way bet is a good place to start. When all the jargon is taken out, all that’s left is a simple calculation where the bettor has to choose between two outcomes: either one team will win, or the game will end in a tie. Since there is now a third way to draw, players have more choices than they did when the match only lasted one day. Different bettors have different ideas about 3-Way Betting: Some people like to play games with only two possible outcomes—a win for either team. Even if the odds are better, there is less information to look at when only two teams or people compete. Also, when there is a clear favorite, it might seem like the choice is easier.

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