What Betting Strategies are Available for Online Blackjack?

This article will teach you about some of the best online blackjack betting strategies available. Read this post to find out what they are.

There is no doubt that Blackjack is the most popular casino game. What makes it unique compared to many other casino games is that you can apply online blackjack betting strategies to each hand. However, it has been playing in different formats for hundreds of years. A lot of players are familiar with this casino game. Certain plays will get back more money as compared to others. If you can apply a basic strategy, you can massively reduce the house edge.

It is a fact that strategy can be very hard to grasp for many, but Blackjack doesn’t need to apply a strategy to make it more exciting. After you understand the basic rules, it is still possible to earn money. You only need a little bit of luck. In this article, you will learn about some of the best strategies that are available for online Blackjack.

Winning Streak Betting Strategy:

It is especially a popular betting strategy for risk-takers. The Winning Streak Betting Strategy is a positive-progression approach. In this one of the famous online blackjack betting strategies, you can double your bet every time you win. For instance, if you started with a $5 bet and won the bet, your next would be $10. After that, if you lose your next hand, then it is better that you must stay at $10 until you win again. 

At this stage of the game, you can double your bet again, and so on and so on. Applying this strategy might be better to call after a few wins if you are on a hot streak. However, every single bet is an increasingly larger swing. So, you could lose a very small fortune in a single hand. Undeniably, this is the best approach for those with a bigger bankroll, as it can get you in the hole fast. 

1326 Betting Strategy:

It is a progressive betting strategy for online Blackjack. However, the idea in1326 develop that you are likely to win two hands and lose a third one. So, you can reduce your bet on the third hand to maintain control of your bankroll. Remember that each number in one of the most popular online blackjack betting strategies represents betting units. It will help you to understand how much to bet. Here is a simple rule for how the 1326 strategy works.

  • Decide your betting amount, and it is suggested that you start with 100 rupees,
  • If you win firsthand, then increase the amount of your bet by three units. So, now you will bet 300 rupees. 
  • In case your hand wing again, you can increase your bet to 400 rupees. Put the 400 rupees into your bankroll and follow the sequence’s next number of betting units.
  • Now, you again win the hand. In the final round of 1326, you will bet 6 betting units, equal to 600 rupees now.
  • In case you win the last hand, you complete the betting sequence. Now you can bankroll all your profit amount and start over with 1 unit. 
  • Remember that if you lose a blackjack hand at any point, you should start over from the initial bet of 1 unit.

Martingale Betting Strategy:

In the 17th century, this betting strategy was created by some unknown French casino enthusiasts. However, it is a variation of the negative-progression strategy. Its major idea is to double the bet every time you lose but keep your bet the same when winning a hand. The Martingale online betting strategy is one of those online blackjack betting strategies that many players find too risky. It proves to work mainly in cases where you have quite an amount of cash available. Since doubling your bet during a long streak can be very exhausting for your bankroll. That’s why most players prefer to refrain from using this betting strategy. 

Oscar’s Betting Strategy:

Apart from different betting strategies that players use, one has proved that it can help you enjoy the too rewarding outcome of playing the Blackjack game of 21. However, it was established in 1965 by mathematician Allan N. Wilson, who named it the “Oscar Strategy” once the dice player invented the method. The major idea of this one of the best online blackjack betting strategies is to win a single unit after a series of bets. After that, you can start a new series of bets. It means that if you are lucky enough to win firsthand, you need to complete the goal of Oscar’s betting strategy, and you will start a new series. 


Online playing Blackjack is best for entertainment purposes. It would help if you went to the table online with a bankroll you are comfortable losing. Avoid chasing losses if you lose that pre-settled bankroll. If you use one of the online blackjack betting strategies mentioned above, be sure you understand the bankroll that you need for each. Moreover, it is also essential to understand what each system aims to accomplish.

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