What are the Popular Betting Types of Cricket?

These are some of the most popular cricket betting types available. If you want to learn about them all, read this post.

Cricket is undeniably the most enduring sport that dates back to the 16th century in southeast England. People love to watch cricket matches. They also like to use various cricket popular betting types in the game. The popularity of cricket has seen operators include it in the sports book for the better to gamble on various cricket events all over the globe. However, when it comes to online betting, cricket is one of the most popular sports. It is because the different formats of cricket, including T20, ODI, and Test cricket, are perfect for betting enthusiasts. Another main reason is that it provides the chance to bet on various markets, from pure luck markets to ultimate cricket knowledge ones. 

Usually, a bettor can bet on anything ranging from the toss’s winner to the match’s winner, from top batter to top bowler, from 1st over total runs to 1st wicket method, and on plenty of other even more specialized betting markets. Here are some of the popular cricket popular betting types that can be bet on. 

Highest Opening Partnership:

It is about choosing the team with the highest total of runs for their opening partnership. It is one of those cricket popular betting types available to bet. However, the favorite team to win the match usually has lower odds for its opening partnership. Whereas the highest odds reverse for the highly unlikely scenario in which the opening partnerships of both teams have an identical number of runs.

Match Winning Team:

As the name indicates, in this cricket betting type, you need to choose which team you reckon will triumph in a particular match. It is also one of those cricket popular betting types that you can use to place your bet. Generally, you can find good odds on match bets. If you properly do your research, it is not too difficult to make some profit.

Top Team Batter:

When you bet on the top team batter, you are placing a bet on the batter. In addition, a bettor scores the most runs during the match for a particular team. The batter of both teams takes into consideration. Usually, proven performers are considered the safest cricket bets in the list of top team batters like AB de Villiers, David Warner, Doe Root, and a few more. However, as you might expect, these batters have the lowest odds.

It means that if you win, you will entitle to lower payoffs than if you had bet on batters with an outsider’s chance. It is one of the most famous. It is also one of the most popular cricket popular betting types. If two or more players finish their match with exactly the same number of runs, then dead heat rules apply. It means that if two top batters have the same number of runs, your initially expected winnings divide into two. 

Toss Winner:

It is a cricket bet that is pure luck and nothing else. Furthermore, it is because the toss predictions are unfortunately impossible. It is merely for punters who live for the thrill of instant winning. They are famous as Lady Luck. Just like many other sports, cricket also starts with a coin toss. As the name indicates, it is one of those cricket popular betting types you can use to place a bet. You don’t need to guess what the team that wins the toss will do next. You just bet on which team wins the toss.

Top Team Bowler:

When you are placing a bet on the top team bowler, you are betting on the number of wickets a specific bowler will get during the match. However, if there are two or more bowlers with the same number of wickets. In that case, the winner is the one that gives the least number of runs. In addition, if this doesn’t settle the winner, then the dead heat rules apply. Remember that the good choices for it are bowlers with a proven history of taking wickets. 

Player of the Match:

This type of cricket bet is famous as a man-of-the-match bet. In this betting type, you need to choose a player who you think will be the man of the match at the end of the game. Usually, it is more difficult to predict in comparison to the toss winner. It is generally a player from the winning team. The odds for that player from the team that considers a favorite before the match are lower. 


Types of bets in cricket can vary from format to format. In general, the cricket popular betting types mentioned above. They all are available in all cricketing formats. Remember to research the teams, tournaments, format, pitch, weather conditions, and skippers before you place your bets. 

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