What are the Common Side Bets in a Blackjack Game?

This post will guide you to the most common side bets in a blackjack game. Read this brief guide for more details.

Do you need to know about the common side bets in a Blackjack Game? If you want to know it, you are in the perfect place. Furthermore, Blackjack is one of the most popular and common games you can play and win when betting online. Therefore, it is essential to know that using a side bet is unnecessary. At the same time, Blackjack side bets are the extra bets that players can choose if they want to place during the game. If you are looking forward to playing Blackjack, you can use one of the best features, which is known as the side bet in Blackjack. 

When you go through in details of the side bets, you will find these are in the form of the help of a player. At the same time, you will see that these bets are based on assuming and predicting the cards. Furthermore, these are the variations or relaxations in different rules. Therefore, you will get its side bet in a way that offers you relaxation in different rules. In addition, a side bet in Blackjack provides the player and the dealer a reward by relaxing the game rules. The following are the common side bets in Blackjack:

21 + 3:

It is one of the most essential side bets in Blackjack. Furthermore, the popularity of this bet is due to different ways, and these ways total five in numbers. Therefore, it is one of the most profitable side bets in Blackjack. 21+3 is a famous side bet in Blackjack, offering players to win the game in 5 different ways. Furthermore, you can find that the bet is placed on the initial 2 cards along with the dealer’s turned card. Therefore, you can use this type of side bet for the following consequences:

  • When players both cards are similar to dealers up card in all manners with 100:1.
  • While players both cards are in sequence, such as 6 & 7 numbers, the payout will be 40:1.
  • When all the cards are similar in number but with dissimilar suits & the payout ratio will be 30:1.
  • When 3 cards of identical suits and payout ratio will be 10:1.

Royal Match:

The royal match is one of the famous Blackjack side bets, mostly found with various types of Blackjack relaxations. Furthermore, royal match side bets depend upon the number of decks of cards you are looking forward to using in the game. Therefore, you need to look at the following side bet rewards relaxations at various occurrences:

  • When the suited cards of different suits are found in a pair of King-Queen, and payout ratio will be 25:1.
  • When both the cards are according to the goal to get a King and a Queen card of identical suits, you will get a reward 5:2 payout. 

In addition, you will find this one as one of the user-friendly side bets in Blackjack. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of this type of side bet in Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs:

When you search for a side bet in Blackjack, you will find the perfect pairs of side bets in the top 3. Furthermore, it is one of the impressive Blackjack side bets you will be offered inside bets. Therefore you need to know how you can benefit from this side bet. The followings are the relations or rewards you can get when using a side bet:

  • When the first 2 cards the dealer distributes are the same, you will get this reward, and its payout ratio will be 12:1.
  • When both the cards you get from the dealer are the same with a different suit, its payout ratio will 6:1.

Therefore, you will get a handsome reward when there come the above conditions. 


In conclusion, it is essential to get access to all the side bets in Blackjack. Furthermore, reviewing this article, you will find above the top 3 Blackjack side bets. You can also find the details of each of the side bets. Furthermore, you will find various conditions where you will get a side bet or reward. Therefore, here you need to note that it is also clear in the above discussion what amount you will get when using a side bet in Blackjack. At the same time, remember that the payout ratio shows how much reward you will get in each side bet. Therefore, you will get a complete explanation of that in this article. This article will help you learn about the basics of side bets in Blackjack. Furthermore, you will also get complete information about the aim of the side bets in Blackjack.

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