What Are The Best Way To Beat Wagering Requirements

If you’re a frequent bettor then you already know what wagering requirements are.

If you’re a frequent bettor then you already know what wagering requirements are because they are the common feature of online casino bonuses.  It ensures that players are contributing a fair amount of money to the casino before they enjoy the awarded bonuses & promotions.

But, when wagering requirements are outrageous, say 30x or even 50x, meeting them becomes a migraine for any punter.  This is why beating wagering requirements is a skill that every punter needs to learn.

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Wagering Requirement Beating Strategy

Want to bag all your bonuses without struggling with any financial hassles? Below, you will find some of the most viable strategies for beating wagering requirement without any hassle and bagging your winnings.

Always go with bonuses with lower wagering requirements

You’ll always have trouble meeting wagering requirement if they are beyond the affordability. For instance, if a bonus of $50 is asking you to wager 50x to meet the wagering requirement. Such high wagering requirements are not justified and even not affordable at all. So, if you want to beat the wagering requirement then you need to make sure that the bonuses you’re picked have reasonable wagering requirement.

To ensure this, we recommend you go to the bonus section of the selected casino and check the wagering requirements of each bonus.  Once you have this clarity, you need to make sure that you’re aligning your deposits according to the bonuses that have affordable or lower wagering requirements.

Choose Only High RTP Games

Games with high RTP allow you to get a higher percentage of the money that is wagered on them.  For instance, a slot with 97% RTP will award $97 for each $100 wagered. This allows punters to bag more money per winning. So, when you want to beat the wagering requirements, playing high RTP games is a game changer. Such games also have lower variance, resulting in frequent wins.

Select Games That Contribute 100% Towards Wagering Requirements

You need to make sure that the games you’re playing regularly are contributing 100% towards meeting the wagering requirements.  Few games such as slots, keno, and video poker, contribute 100% of the bet to the wagering requirement.

Whereas table games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat contribute below 90% towards the wagering requirements. So, you should avoid such games and only focus on games that contribute 100% towards maximising your chances of meeting the requirements quickly.

Don’t Fall in The Trap of Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting, also known as bonus bagging or bonus whoring, is a strategy used by some players to take advantage of promotional offers. This can be considered unethical and may lead to account termination. Players should avoid this strategy and instead focus on meeting the wagering requirements through legitimate means.

Make Most of No-Wagering Bonuses

Even though only a handful of online casinos offer this bonus, it’s the easiest way to beat the wagering requirements. Such bonuses may award you only a small winning amount but they are free from any wagering requirement. You bag them and start using them. It’s such a headache-free way to claim a bonus.

Use the Bonus Wisely

Games with a low house edge, such as blackjack and baccarat, have better odds of winning. If you decide to use your bonuses on these games then you will have a higher and better chance of meeting wagering requirement because you will get more value of invested money, if victory happens.

Never Forget to Manage Bankroll

Last but not least, every punter needs to manage their bankrolls and never invest or bet money that they can’t afford. You need to keep tabs on your spending and put a stop when it’s beyond your affordability, even if you’re not meeting the wagering requirement. This will help you avoid bankruptcy.  

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Final Say

Bonuses & promotions are great benefits for new and long-term players. But, high and unjustified wagering requirements can stop you from using these bonuses. This is why you need to use a combination of strategic planning and smart play to beat the wagering requirement.

It includes playing games with high RTP games, using no-wagering bonuses, and even selecting games that contribute 100% towards meeting the wagering requirement. Needless to say, every punter needs to make sure they are managing the bankroll wisely and avoiding bonus hunting. Through these means, you can beat the wagering requirements and make the most of the awarded bonuses.

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