What are Comps at the Casino and How to Claim Them?

Everything you need to know about comps at casinos is provided in this article. Check out this post if you want to learn more.

There are several ways casinos use to get you back again and again. It is important because almost every casino has access to the same games, though they may choose variants with a higher or lower house edge. However, the player reward system is one popular tool to encourage brand loyalty. Through these systems, casinos reward players with a percentage of their play in cash or free play. In addition to this, they reward their users with casino comps. Many new casino visitors needed more information about these comps. This article will teach you everything you need to know about comps.

What are Casino Comps?

During gambling at a casino, you will get free stuff from them. It is a reward for you that the casino gives you so that you have more passion for gambling in their casino. This free stuff is generally known as casino comps. They are usually free drinks, food, rooms, entertainment tickets, etc. Simply put, the casino expects you to win when you gamble, so the comps are just a way to reward you for losing money. However, you still earn comps when you are winning. 

Most casinos track how much you spend on wagering through your slot club card. It is a plastic card, just like a credit card. You have to insert this card into a gambling machine. It will add up to how much money you have put into action at the casino. Remember that your casino comps depend on a percentage of that action. Moreover, some comps, like free drinks, only need something from you if you sit down and start playing. On the other hand, some comps, like having free meals at restaurants, need a little more commitment and action, but they are also usually easy to get. 

How to Claim Casino Comps?

There are a few simple ways to claim comps. However, one most easy ways to claim comps is that you gamble. Most casinos need that you bet at a certain level. In addition, they want you to play for a specific period to get casino comps. The more you place a bet, and the longer you play, the higher the level of comp you can expect from a casino. Here are some ways to claim comps. 

Be Consistent:

When you go to the casino with a $500 budget each trip and suddenly start going with$100 or more, that will knock down your comps. However, the simple and easy way to claim casino comps is just being consistent. In this way, the casino knows what to give you and keeps giving it to you. Just like that, bet at a consistent level and one that your bankroll can support. If you have $200, normally do $1 spins, and suddenly decide to do $5 spins, your money may run out much faster. At the casino, you did less play, even though you spent the same amount. 

Visit at Least Once in a While:

Casino offers tend to come in sections. However, they also depend on play over a certain window. What happens when you never play in that window? For several casinos, the offers will stop flowing. Most of the time, some offers come with time-out restrictions. The offer will expire after a certain period, like 6, 1, or 24 months. However, this will depends on the casino. Therefore, visiting at least once in a while keeps you prominent. It will also ensure that the offer continues to flow.

Use Player Card:

Sign up for Players Card at every casino you visit. It will help you to get offers for severely discounted, or even free hotel stays. Even if you do not gamble, you will get these amazing free offers just by the sign-up for the card. In addition to this, your playing cards will not impact your slot paybacks. However, they guarantee casino comps in the form of comp dollars you earn as you play. They will attract you to come back. 

Time of Your Visits:

Time your visit for casino promotions helps the low-limit players to maximize their opportunities. To get more casino comps, timing a visit for when comp dollar multipliers are happening. It is an obvious way to claim more on a specific visit. There are other offers, like tease 5x-500x rewards credit multipliers at Caesars properties. Even a 5x multiplier means you can claim $1 for every $100 you play. 


Casinos can’t survive without customers, and increasingly, players can’t make ends meet without comps. Forming a casino comps strategy is essential for anyone who takes gambling seriously. It is just as important as learning when to double down on different games. 

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