The Worst Blackjack Moves You Should Avoid

This brief guide compiles a list of such Blackjack moves to avoid. Continue reading until the end for more important guidelines.

There is probably no casino game more famous the Blackjack. This game draws several players, both casual and professional. Players who want to spend a good time and make some profit also like to play Blackjack. However, it is not just a game of luck; there are many strategies and systems. It is also true that among several tips and tactics, just one truly works.

Still, people sometimes get stuck with some Worst Blackjack Moves. Maybe they get a piece of bad advice, or they read the wrong book or blog post, but the fact is they lose the game. This short guide gathers a list of such Blackjack moves that you should avoid.

Not Caring about Bet Sizing:

Blackjack is a game that is based 90% on luck and 10% on skills. There are many betting moves you can apply to play smarter. One of these moves is bet sizing. It is a theory that says that you should bring at least 100 betting units when joining a Blackjack table.

It is if you want your session to last for a bit. So, if you start with a bankroll of 100€, your maximum bet should be 1€, and it will move on. Of course, several players like to take risks and place big bets because they want fast profit. However this Blackjack move sometimes works, but in most cases, it could lose your balance way too fast. Therefore, it is one of the Worst Blackjack Moves that you should avoid when playing Blackjack.

Single-deck Blackjack with BJ 6-5 Payout:

Most casinos start offering a single-deck blackjack that pays 6-5 blackjack rather than the classic 3-2. This type of game is one of the most disadvantageous because such a payout increases the house edge to 1.4%. In simple words, you can say that paying 6-5 versions of Blackjack is just like paying taxes for ignorance. Therefore, it is highly suggested to you; never play this type of game.

Splitting 10s:

It is tempting to split 10s because a hand that begins with a single card value at 10 is a perfect way to start. Though it is always a mistake because a hard total of 20 are very good, the dealer will only rarely beat you. After all, you must have a 21 to win against a 20. Several Blackjack players will split 10s if the dealer has 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 shows. They are hoping the dealer will bust and want to get twice as much money in action. However, you can win more frequently with a total of 20 by such a huge margin over having begun with a ten that you are better off standing on the hard total of 20. It is a terrible mistake and one of the Worst Blackjack Moves. Thus, you only need to splits when the dealer shows a six is losing $52.85 for every $100 you bet.

Use of Progressive Betting Systems:

Most Blackjack players use this strategy, which means that size of the bet depends on whether they lose or win the last game. However, the major problem with this betting system is that they don’t change the house edge in any way. Therefore it is one of the Worst Blackjack Moves that you use. The chances of the result will not depend on the result of the prior game. So players who use a progressive betting system lie that they find a way to beat the casino.

Ignoring the Basic Strategy of Blackjack:

Blackjack’s basic strategy is extremely useful, especially for those who have difficulty deciding on the table. It usually takes the form of a blackjack table that advises you depending on your starting hand and the dealer. Of course, following the basic strategy of Blackjack is not a way to win every hand. The major purpose of applying this strategy is to lower the home advantage as much as possible. 

Ignoring the basic strategy would result in you taking the riskiest decisions or playing too safe when you suppose to take risks. This Blackjack table offers you the best moves to make so you don’t make any mistakes. It will help you to tell when to start, hit, double or split your hand. 


Everyone always talks about how Blackjack provides great odds, but they often neglect to explain that if you make a mistake, you will not get great odds. So, if you avoid the Worst mentioned above, Blackjack Moves, you will probably get as close to the best possible odds. If you succeed in avoiding these moves, you will reduce your loss or, in some cases, may shift the benefit of the game to your side.

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