The Different Types of Wild Symbols in Online Slot Games

This article will discuss the different types of wild symbols in online slot games. Keep on reading for more details.

Every single day a new entertaining slot has releasing. These adventurous slots come with more advanced features and rounds. All these features make slots more exciting and engaging. These video machines in online casinos have evolved a lot, and one thing that is quite common in all slots over several decades is the use of the symbol. Various types of symbols are used in slots, including wild symbols. It is a term that refers to a group of special symbols. They come in different types and are an incredibly popular selling point for slots. However, the major purpose of these symbols is to replace several other symbols on the reels.

It will help to create a winning combination. That’s why online slots that feature wilds are the most popular among players. They are popular because they can help you score some extra wins and often provide bonus features that can mean even bigger wins. Since the invention of online casinos as well as online slot games, wilds have evolved. So currently, many different types come with online slots, each with different functionality. 

Expanding Wilds:

It is one of the most exciting wild features around. As the name indicates, expanding wilds expand to fill a complete column with wild symbols. Several new slots offer this feature and work in conjunction with stacked wilds. However, Expand Wilds are sometimes triggered by meeting particular requirements.

They are one of the most thrilling wild features in online slots. Additionally, they are much more similar to stacked wilds, but they provide even more chances to win. Every pay line must pass through all reels, and there is a huge chance that this new Wilds reel will prove helpful. 

Regular Wilds:

They are also famous for the name standard wilds. These wilds typically appear randomly in base games of slots when you trigger a bonus feature. However, Regular wild symbols can replace standard symbols on the game screen to create a winning combination. Remember that they do not replace scatter symbols or other bonus symbols. For instance, if one and three reels have standard symbols, and reel two contains a wild symbol, it would result in a win. The regular Wild fills in with a standard symbol to create three matching symbols. 

Stacked Wilds:

As the name suggests, when wilds appear on top of one another-stacked, this will create a section of wilds in the same reels. It vastly increases you winning chances of making a winning combination. Any pay-line that passes through will likely be a winner. In many slot games, you will find stacked wild symbols. Generally, they appear vertically across one reel. However, in some new slots, they can also be available horizontally. It still needs to change how useful they are, as it still increases your chances of hitting a winning combination across the reels. 

Multiplier Wilds:

These wilds function like regular wilds on online slots, with a prominent and important difference. Multiplier Wilds come with multiplier values. Every win is multiplied by the amount associated with these wild symbols. In this way, you can see your winnings multiply by 2 or 3 and, in some cases, by a much higher amount with them. Moreover, they can usually appear in the base games and bonus features. It will provide you with an opportunity for large payouts.

Sticky Wilds:

They are self-explanatory, just like other types of wilds. When you start playing a game with this feature, it means that somewhere in the game, you will land a wild that may stick around for more than a spin. Many slot games gain their reputation through their sticky Wild that remains sticky during the free spins round.

You can also find sticky wilds in some base games that expand to cover the whole reel for the respin. It will also increase your opportunity to get extra stick wild symbols. Most likely, they will appear on online slots when a bonus spins feature is triggered. These symbols often accompany these free spins. It will allow you to win big because the winning combinations activate by sticky wilds.


When playing online slots, various wilds are the most sought symbols. It is because they can substitute most other game symbols on the reel. Wild symbols are the most helpful symbols and are highly valued by all. You can get full grips with the different wilds by playing a demo version of online slots without using money.

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