The Different Poker Playing Styles that a Must to Learn

This post contains comprehensive information about the various poker playing styles that every poker player should be aware of.

Poker is a game of artists. Of course, it is a very challenging casino game of analysis and mathematics. With today’s changing modern poker trends and environment, the game has progressed almost beyond the reality of casinos. The poker playing styles differ from person to person. It has progressed technologically, and with the improving trend of virtual reality and augmentation, it is available in every hand. With progress, this game has become one of the most played games, and they are legit. There are several different styles of playing poker.

It is also a fact that no two players have identical strategies. Apart from this, two players with profoundly different strategies can be the winners over the long term. It doesn’t mean that we can adopt any poker style. Some poker styles produce winners more consistently in comparison to others. It shows that all four poker styles are not equal. 

Tight Aggressive:

Several beginners see this style as the most optimal way to play poker. Although it is possible to be successful with other poker playing styles, most of the world’s best are Tight Aggressive players, especially in tournaments. Those players who use this poker style will seize every possible opportunity. You won’t explore them limping into a pot, and they often call post-flop. Slow playing is a strategy they rarely use. Since they are tight, they don’t tend to bluff too often. Instead, they prefer semi-bluffs where they still have lots of outs. 

Tight Aggressive players usually have good experience and are well-balanced, but you also find exploits. For example, Aggressive play works much better in position. That’s why they are happy to give up their blinds more than you might expect. It would help if you were very careful when they come back over the top of you. It is because, unlike passive players, they are smart enough to pay back. Of all the poker styles, these are the most respectful of position.

Tight Passive:

A player who uses a tight passive poker playing style has a more conservative and boring approach to the game. These players are tight, which means they play a narrow range of the hands they deal with. They will happily fold hand after hand pre-flop until they get a perfect hand. When they do get their golden hand, the passive side of them means they usually only check or call. In that case, even if they win the hand, it will be a small price pot. 

This poker style is also famous by the name Rock due to its risk-averting and boring approach to the game. They may get more time at the table, but eventually, they will bleed out from the blinds. When facing tight passive poker playing styles, please pay attention to the times when they are small or big blind. Of course, you have the best chance to get some blinds by placing a bet pre-flop. They will fold their blinds way frequently.

Loose Aggressive:

It is commonly associated with players on the losing side of the game. However, this poker playing style gets you more money than tight aggressive. Additionally, the loose aggressive needs more skills than the tight aggressive; the post-flop is preferred more towards aggression. It is one of the most popular poker-playing styles. A loose aggressive player will care more about staying in the game than earning. Therefore, playing more hands during the pre-flop is the default trait of a loose-aggressive player.

Loose Passive:

It is a common beginner’s choice and perhaps the worst one. They are loose. Therefore they will play plenty of the hands they deal with. However, the passive side to them means they don’t do much. They check and call. That’s why they are also famous for the name “Calling Station.” Since they have money in every round but play it slow, they often finish losing up all your chips in a hurry. Going into a hand without conviction is essentially called “limping,” a death sign in poker. Therefore, it is important that the hands you play have to be played with conviction. It is one of the most famous poker-playing styles, especially among beginners. 

Loose passive players participate in all the action at the start of the night but will spend most of the night as a spectator without chips. So, don’t be a calling station. Whenever you face a calling station, stick to playing your strong hands. Keep in mind that don’t bother bluffing; they will happily call anything.


It would help if you now understood the main poker playing styles. In addition, you also know how to respond to each one. The key is to explore quickly how tight or loose they might be or how aggressive they bet and raise. After getting this information, exploiting your opponents at the poker table becomes easy.

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