Slot Machine Odds & Chances of Winning

Slot machine odds are also highly influenced by several pay lines it features.  Paylines decide your winning ways

When we talk about online casinos, slots have become their identity and a true mark of quality entertainment.  Slot games and online casinos are like hands in gloves.  While slot machines are a popular form of entertainment in casinos, understanding the odds and chance of winning is not an easy job.

They both are complex concepts to understand. But, we will simply do everything for you through this blog.   We’re going to explain slot machine odds and chances of winning in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Understanding the Meaning of Slot Machine Odds

Slot machine odds are the mathematical probability of winning a given machine. These odds are mainly decided by multiple factors such as Return to Player (RTP), pay lines, volatility, and bonus features.

Out of all these RTP plays the greatest role in deciding the slot machine odds. The RTP algorithm allows slot machines to display random symbols on the reels. With each spin, different symbols will show up to maintain the diversity in the results.

Let’s review the influence of other factors in deciding the slot machine odds.

A higher RTP means a high chance of winning. A slot machine with an RTP of 97% will pay you $97 for every wagered $100.

The volatility of a slot machine refers to the winning frequencies. A slot machine with high volatility will help you bag a big win but at a very low frequency. On the other hand, low volatility slots will provide smaller but very frequent wins.

Slot machine odds are also highly influenced by several pay lines it features.  Paylines decide your winning ways. For instance, if a slot machine has 3, or 5,7 reels and each reel has 6 symbols then you have 6x6X6=216 ways to win. A slot machine with more pay lines will provide you with more winning opportunities.  But, understand that more pay lines make the gameplay a bit complex.

Bonus features such as free spins, wilds, and scatters can significantly increase the chances of winning. These features can also lead to larger wins.

Calculate the Slot Machine Payout or Winning Probability of a Slot

Every hardcore punter, playing slots with real money, plays for payout and if you’re amongst them then you must learn how to calculate the payout ratio of a bet and the expected winning probability of a slot. 

Its calculation happens because of RTP and jurisdictions. We’re trying to help you understand the payout of slot machines through this example. Suppose, you’re making a bet of $1 with a slot featuring 3 bars then its winning probability will be 2/3*2/3*2/3= 0.3. Now, the payout will be 0.3*1= $0.3.

Is It Possible to Manipulate Slot Machine Odds & Chance of Winning?

In the case of online casinos, online slots use RNG software. This leaves no scope for punters to predict the outcomes. Hence, the odds of manipulating slot odds and the chance of winning are very low. However, players can improve slot machine odds and winning probabilities through these means.

  • Try to play with slots offering RTP above 95%. Slots with such higher RTPs will pay you more per wagered amount.
  • Go with slots featuring a 3-reel mechanism.  These types of slots will have fewer wheels, resulting in multiple wins and consistent payouts.
  • Play with slots having higher pay lines. With more pay lines, punters will have more winning chances per each spin.
  • Try to bet on all the available pay lines so that you’ve maximum possible winning chances and hitting a combination.
  • At the beginning of a game, we recommend you start with small bets and then increase the bet size gradually. This slow and steady approach allows punters to maintain a steady pace in the gameplay.
  • Try to reap the benefits of awarded bonuses such as free spins and multipliers. Through these features, players will have more winning opportunities and a chance to build bonus money. 
  • No matter what, one must always decide on a budget and stick to it so that you’re betting within your limit. This way, you can avoid overspending.
  • Strategically, you should make sure that you’re practising good bankroll management ethics and are never chasing your losses.
  • Always play with highly reputable online casinos so that only you’ve access to slots with high RTP, high volatility, and maximum pay lines. 

How To Win Jackpots On Slot Machines?

Final Say

Slots are interesting and can help you have a gala time. But, to make the most of the gameplay, players should make sure that they have a good understanding of slot machines’ odds and chances of winning.  These two are very crucial to deciding the dependency of the slot you’ve selected.

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