What Are Risk-Free Bets And How Do They Work?

Understand what risk-free bets are and how to use them by reading this post.

In the betting industry, people are crazy about winning money in return & a risk-free bet is a bet where we can expect something in return. Risk-free bets are good for players who are in the initial stage of betting. If you are experienced bettors then risk-free bets are not so good for you because you will only get your winnings back. You will not get your stakes here. In a risk-free bet, your sportsbook refunds a certain amount to wager if you lose the first real money bet. This refund is called a free bet. There are different rules and conditions, sportsbook issues the refund and bonus credit amount.

Let’s understand risk-free bets with an example- If you use a $1000 risk-free bet on a +2000 money line and it wins. You will only get $2000 USD back. But, if you have a site credit amount and you bet $1000 on a +2000 money line, you will receive $1000 as a stake back with $2000 as a return in winnings.

How do ‘risk-free’ bets work?

In so many online betting platforms, sportsbooks offer so many signup promotions with multiple risk-free bets. In the US market, these risk-free bets are considered the most popular bonus. This sportsbook bonus will give you money in the form of credits, cash, or bonus. These risk-free bets come in different amounts starting from $100, bet can go up to a massive amount like $10k.

There are different terms and conditions that a=are surrounded by risk-free bets in order to handle the entry bonus. Every other platform has its own terms and conditions and you should always read the whole process. Sportsbooks like FanDuel and Foxbet contain -200 on bonus value as a minimum odd requirement. Other sportsbook brands like Unibet and Crickex have no restrictions.

Before entering a casino for a risk-free betting, the following are the conditions attached with the bonus:

  1. The minimum odd value should be – 200.
  2. There are various time limits on bonus values. Operators place restrictions such as-if you have been credited with any specific time period than within a particular time you have to wager it. Otherwise, your bonus amount will expire.
  3. There are prebuilt rules regarding the number of times you can wager your bonus value.

Understanding these basic rules are really very beneficial if you want to try risk-free bet in multiple sportsbooks and you can opt for any platform according to the favorable conditions.

Do you get your stake back on a free bet?

In the above section, we saw that terms and conditions vary according to the sportsbook. Sportsbooks like FanDuel & Barstool will provide you the site credit and this site credit pays you in cash. In such cases, you can bet on any domination you want and you will win the stake and profit amount too. There are various online websites that enable you to withdraw your refund amount in complete cash form. This makes it a full-fledged risk-free bet.

Exceptions are always there, most risk-free bets are not risk-free. If you lose the first cash bet and also lose the second bonus bet then you will lose the entire stake. Some sportsbooks will provide you with a site credit amount in lieu of a free bet if you lose. This is a quite better option if you want to wager as little or as much the site credit on a number of bets instead of being forced into a second wager equal to the first. Try to find websites that provide the winning bets with site credit amount and the stake.

This is the perfect and out of box option that helps you to win a chance; and get your money back if you have something. If you lose something, this bonus gives you another chance. Risk-free bets reduce the risk that enables you to try a different wager. These bets usually involve large amounts, and this can help boost your bankroll. If you are new to the betting industry and want to test your luck then you should definitely start with risk-free bets. Sign up today with us to explore more.

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