Poker Outs: What Is It & How To Count Poker Outs

Understanding poker outs is essential for all poker players.

Knowing how to count outs in poker is one of the first mathematical ideas you must learn when starting out.

Fortunately, calculating poker outs is not complicated, and there are simple methods for determining how many outs you have in any circumstance.

But what exactly are outs in poker, and how can they help you become a better player?

We will explain everything and more. By the time you finish reading, you will understand what outs are and how to count them.

What are Poker Outs?

Outs in poker are cards that improve your hand.

For example, if you have a pair of kings versus pocket aces, you have two outs to complete your set because only two kings remain in the deck. 

Of course, after the flop is dealt and you only have five cards, outs become much more important. In this situation, you may not have a made hand yet and will be wanting to develop, so grasping this notion is critical.

Any card that improves your hand is termed an out; but, not all poker outs are equal, so let’s look at that a little further.

How to Count Outs in Poker

Now that you’ve learned what poker outs are, it should be evident how we count them. The method entails recognising your outs and physically counting them out.

In the preceding example, we already recognised the probable poker outs, now let’s count them out:

·        Three Aces to make a Straight – 3

·        Three Nines for Making a Straight – 3

·        A♥ and 9♥ to make a Royal/Straight Flush – 2

·        Seven Hearts to make a Flush – 7

·        Three Queens to make a Pair – 3

·        Three Kings to make a Pair – 3

This gives us a total of 21 outs, which is roughly the maximum number of outs possible in Texas Hold’em.

Granted, the Kings and Queens only offer us one pair, which is not always the greatest hand, but most other outs will give us the nuts or something near to it.

As you can see, the counting method is straightforward and simply requires you to be adept at counting and visualising which cards would strengthen your hand.

Keep in mind that the deck contains exactly four cards of each rank and thirteen cards of each suit.

Furthermore, remember to account for the cards you already saw and avoid double-counting certain outs. For example, if you consider the A♥ and 9♥ as Flush outs, do not count them again as Straight outs.

The Rule of Two of Four and Other Methods for Counting Outs

There are three ways to find out: do an algebraic calculation, memorise a chart that shows the odds of various drawing hands filling or counting outs, and apply the rule of two and four.

The rule of twos and fours saves the greatest brainpower for later sections of the game. The basic form of counting outs is provided here, along with a number of advanced hints and one strategy to increase the likelihood that your drawing hands will full.

Why Table Selection Are Important In Poker Game

How to Count Outs on the Turn

If the turn does not benefit you, the math becomes less favourable, but you do not have to give up. Apply the rule again, multiplying eight or nine outs by two yields 16% or 18%.

If you are in position and have the betting lead, you may choose to check it out at this time to realise the 18% equity. For a bet or call to be lucrative right now, you need pot odds that are somewhat higher than 4:1.

To get 4:1 odds, stake one-third of the pot or less. If you bet the pot on the flip, you will wager one-third of it again. If you bet less than the pot on the flip, betting the same amount twice is less than one-third of the pot.


Understanding poker outs is essential for all poker players. Outs are cards that can help your hand. Counting them entails recognising possible cards and adding them up. The Rule of Two or Four streamlines the procedure, particularly during the turn. Knowing your outs lets you decide whether to continue playing or fold. Mastering this ability improves your decision-making and overall poker strategy, making you a stronger player at the table.

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