Learn How To Use Table Position Strategy When Playing Poker

Poker is a game of skills and Table Position strategy is one of the most viable ways to have a stronghold in the gameplay.

If there is one thing that helps you have an upper hand over your opponents in the game of Poker then it’s the table position. Yes, you heard us right. Which side of the Poker table you’re at can significantly impact your winning odds in poker.

Wondering how? Have a look at this guide and learn everything related to table position in poker.

What is the Meaning of Table Position in Poker?

With table position in Poker, we meant the position or a seat on the Poker table that a player occupies during the gameplay. There are four main types of table positions in Poker.


A player occupying this position place bet before the hand begins. Blinds are of two kinds, mall blind and big blind. The small blind is in the immediate clockwise position to the dealer’s button whereas the big blind is on the exact left of the small blind or the second spot from the clockwise direction of the dealer’s button.

This bet allows players to get in the game from the beginning of the hand as the player sitting at the blind position bets first. However, this position lacks excitement a nothing great will be in action by the time this bet is placed. 

Early Position or EP

This is the immediate left to the Big Bing position. This is the least favourable table position in Poker because players sitting in this position have to act first after a flop and even can’t avail of any discount to enter the pot. This table position is also known as “Under the Gun” or UTG. 

Middle Position or MP 

The middle position is left to the early position and players occupying this table positions have an advantage of playing more hands before making their decision. 

Late Position or LP

This is the best table position in Poker as players sitting on this act after everyone else. They can observe other players’ moves and frame their decisions based on them. There are three types of late positions. 

·       LJ (LOJACK) – It’s the immediate left position of the MP.

·       HJ (HIJACK) – It’s the position between LJ and Cut Off.

  • Cut Off– The position just next to the dealer’s button is also a late position known as Cut Off. This is the best position as there are no bets after you. 

As each table positions has different advantages and disadvantages, they influence a player’s positions in the game.

Importance of Table Position in Poker

Before you start playing Poker using table positions, understand what importance this strategy holds in the game. 

Your table position in Poker will decide the amount of information you will have to place a bet. Players occupying later or Cut Off positions will have the most information about the best places while players at Blind positions barely have any data to analyze. 

Being in the right table positions helps players gain better control over betting, manage the pot size, and make informed bets. 

Players occupying later positions will have the opportunity to play a wide range of hands and make aggressive moves, which is not possible for players at Blinds and Early positions. 

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How To Use Table Position Strategy 

Certainly, your entire gameplay in Poker is highly influenced by the table positions and if you’re willing to use this strategy, we recommend you to keep these things in mind. 

  • If you’re a Pro Poker player and know who amongst the player’s weak players are, we recommend you to occupy a table position just left to them. With this table position strategy, you will be able to play the maximum possible hands with added positional benefits during pre-flop and post-flop. 
  • If you choose to play from last table positions, such as Late position or Cut Off, calling a single continuation bet will favour you. 
  • Draws are also highly influenced by the table position in Poker. You’re unlikely to make profits from the draws when you’re out of any table positions. 
  • While using the table position strategy in Poker, it’s important to keep an eye on the type of moves made by opponents. For instance, if a player occupying a previous position than yours makes a Check bet, it indicates a weak hand. On the contrary, a raised bet is a sign of strength. If the player sitting ahead of you makes a bet, you must consider their bet size to decide your move. 
  • You can control the pot size by playing in a favourable position. For instance, a Late position with a strong hand can help you raise your bet confidently. 
  • You must adjust your bet size according to your position. Players with a strong hand can make high bets while players with weaker hands should go ahead with small bets. 

Final Say 

Poker is a game of skills and Table Position strategy is one of the most viable ways to have a stronghold in the gameplay. So, get familiar with table positions before you’re ready to Raise or Fold. 

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