Keno Vs Bingo: Which Game Is Better To Play?

As these two games share great similarities and have decreased history, punters often get confused about Keno vs Bingo.

keno vs bingo game: The world of online casino games is highly diverse and offers a wide range of options. Because of this variety, punters often get confused about which game to play and which to avoid.  Keno and Bingo are two such games. 

As these two games share great similarities and have decreased history, punters often get confused about Keno vs Bingo. If you ever faced this crossroad, you need to refer to this Keno vs Bingo guide. 

Keno vs Bingo- Similarities and Differences 

To finalize which game is better to play, you first need to learn about the similarities & differences that these two games share. 

Keno vs Bingo Similarities 

Both games involve number drawing. Players need to select their bet numbers and results are declared based on randomly drawn numbers from a pool of numbers. 

  • Both the games are luck-based and skills have no role to play. 
  • Both the game appeal to the mass market and they both are easy to learn and play. 
  • Both are offered in land-based and online casinos. Even, some live online casinos offer both these games in a live dealer format as well. 

Keno vs Bingo Differences 

  • While both numbers involve number drawing, they take place differently. Keno involves picking your numbers while Bingo involves buying tickets with pre-printed numbers. 
  • The winning pattern in both these games is different. Keno requires picking up a certain number and the win comes when your picked number matches the number drawn. In the game of Bingo, players have to complete a pattern to mark a victory. 
  • Both the games have different game session duration. Keno is a fast-paced game and results are declared quickly. But, Bingo is a game with longer sessions.  
  • Another key fact to learn about the Keno vs Bingo difference is the odds and payouts. Players can experience great winning odds and frequent payments in a game of Bingo. But, Keno’s odds of matching picked numbers with the numbers drawn are very bleak. But, the payments are quick and higher. 
  • The house edge is also different for both games. The typical house edge of Bingo is between 5-10% while it’s 20-35% in the case of Keno. 
  • Bingo is a social game, played in a group, while Keno is a solitary game and is ideal for small communities. 

As we can see, both games are easy to learn, are centred on fun, and offer great winning possibilities. They share a great deal of similarities and differences, which you should review before trying any of them. 

Keno vs Bingo: Which is Better? 

When comparing Keno vs Bingo, there is no definitively “better” game. It entirely depends on the personal preferences of the players and what they want to experience while playing a casino game. 

Keno is better for you when: 

  • You want to play a fast-paced game where action takes place instantly 
  • You want to have high and huge winning possibilities 
  • You want to deploy certain strategies and analyze patterns while making a bet 
  • You don’t want to socialize while playing a casino game 

Bingo is better for you when: 

  • You want to engage in a game where luck holds the cards and you don’t want to apply any strategies 
  • You want to experience a low house edge while playing an online casino game. As mentioned, Keno has a higher house edge as compared to Bingo, which will impact your payout. 
  • You prefer playing in a group and love the social element. Bingo is played in groups and has a great social element. 

At their core, both the game has certain characteristics that might appeal to different sections of punters. Hence you need to first decipher your preference and then select an option. No matter which option you try, you need to make sure that: 

  • You’re playing with a trusted and licensed online casino. Trusted casinos ensure that you have a safe & secure gambling environment, have multiple payment options to try, keep your data secured, and allow you to get your winnings without any delays. 
  • You set betting limits and know the key bankroll management skills. This way, you will avoid betting excessively and prevent the fund’s exhaustion.  
  • You’re taking frequent breaks so that you’re not falling into the traps of problem gambling. 

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Concluding Words 

Keno vs Bingo is not a matter of concern if you have clarity on aspects like the similarities and differences these two games share and your expectations from these games. Both are great for keeping you engaged. So, pick the one that pleases you the most. 

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