How To Get More Comps at Online Casinos?

This short guide will help you know how to get more comps at online casinos. Read this post for full info.

No matter where you belong and where you live, receiving freebies is just exciting. Whether they will be free samples, free gas, or just about anything else, free things are always a great experience for everyone. Like to get free stuff is always a great experience when it comes to online casinos. The fact is that online casinos always provide free stuff to both players, new and existing. These free items are called comps. They are available in different forms.

The major goal of casinos is to use them to entice you to spend more money by basically offering you money for free. It may look counter-intuitive, but they work for casinos. Despite that, you can also do many good things for yourself if you know what you are doing. Getting online casinos comp at online casinos is one of the best parts about online gambling.

You can earn cashback, free slot spins, and more by playing at online casinos. Moreover, you can get them depending on your real money play. It means that placing bigger bets at a high volume is one of the easiest ways to increase these rewards. 

Get the Newsletter and Visit the Social Media Pages of the Online Casino:

The fact is that only some casino rewards are a part of the loyalty program. In addition, online casinos also feature lots of offers through an email newsletter and social media pages. You need to sign up for the casino’s newsletter or by giving the front desk your email. It will help you to get special deals they offer.

Moreover, every online casino uses Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote their brands. These promotional efforts also include giving out comps to their social media followers. Undeniably, these types of offers make it worth following the social media accounts of your favorite casino.

Find Player Club Promotions:

Many online casinos offer periods with double or triple points for your play. Usually, it is during hours when they need help finding a lot of action. So, if you play during these hours, you can get more comps faster at online casinos. For instance, if you are playing slot and bet $3 per spin, you are looking at getting $7 or $10 per hour in freebies rather than just $3 or $4.

Moreover, other promotions allow you to get more online casino cash. Online casinos promote these offers by sending you emails and snail mail flyers. If your goal is to get more online casinos comp at an online casino, paying more attention to promotions is crucial.

Play Online Slots:

All online casino VIP programs, including online slots, motivate you to play higher house edge games. They do so by increasing the number of your reward points per dollar wagered on online slots. It is a fact that playing casino games with a higher house edge is a great way to get more comps at online casinos.

One important thing to remember is that getting a better online casino comp playing higher house edge games is not a good idea. It is because the theoretical losses your face will also be far huger than the online casino comp you stand to earn. However, if you are well aware of slots, you can at least look forward to more online casinos comp than when playing table games. 

Research Loyalty Programs:

Online casinos feature loyalty programs with multiple levels. The reward rate most online casinos offer players is the same. Despite that, there are also some online casinos having a reputation for being more generous with comps as compared to their competitors. The easiest way to find these casinos is by looking at their cashback rate for slot machines. For instance, one online casino may offer 0.2% cashback while its competitors may only give 0.1% cashback. It is not just cut and dried; you will likely need to do 15 to 30 minutes of online research to select the popular online casinos for better casinos comp.

Many gambling forum users provide helpful suggestions depending on their experiences dealing with online casinos. Remember your major goal: to find composite opinions from different people to determine which casinos comp well.


Online casinos are a business, so they want you to bet. It means that spending money is the fastest way to get more comps at online casinos. However, the major goal of online casinos providing these freebies is to encourage you to spend more. You can use the above mention tips to earn more online casinos comp.

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