Cricket Betting Guide: How to Bet on Cricket?

Read this guide to learn how to bet on cricket sport. This article will inform you everything there is to know about cricket betting.

People from all over the world love cricket. It is the most popular sport, with over 2.5 million participants worldwide. With roots dating back to England in the 18th century, it is one of the oldest sports. So, if you are a cricket fan and want to learn about betting on it, this guide will help you. The major goal of this guide is to help cricket betting enthusiasts of all levels to learn more. Furthermore, this guide equips you will all of the knowledge that you need the betting on cricket. Whether you are new to betting on cricket or a seasoned vet, some information is here to help you learn more.

Choose a Genuine Cricket Betting Site:

Betting sites for cricket, often formally known as Bookmakers. They are platforms that offer the opportunity to place bets on different forms of cricket. The formats available for cricket betting include One Day matches, Test matches, and the current favorite Twenty20 series. The internet is fully packed with big bookmakers. Each of them covers cricket among its top sports.

Choosing a genuine betting site for cricket means easy and hassle-free sign-up. In addition, the betting amount is a safe and effortless withdrawal process. Of course, these trusted betting sites are also famous for their promotions, player bonus, and additional benefits.

Select Cricket Format:

The ICC governs three cricket formats: Test Cricket, One Day Cricket, and Twenty 20. You will find all of these at top cricket betting sites. Most sites include pre-match and live streaming and expert bets on cricket-free tips. These can help you make well-informed decisions when you place your bets. Here is more detail about different formats of cricket that will help you to choose a format according to your needs.

Betting on One-Day Cricket:

One Day cricket can be played as a one-off game or as a part of a series. Bettors have the option to bet on individual limited-overs games or outright markets. To start betting on this form of cricket, it is essential to know the rules, as they can differ from other formats of cricket. For instance, fielding restrictions apply between the first ten and last ten overs of an inning. Of course, this can give you exciting cricket betting opportunities, especially if a heavy-hitting batter is at the crease.

Betting on Test Cricket:

Test Cricket matches generally take place over five days. Purists see it as the most important cricket format. As its name indicates, this format is players’ mental and physical attributes. However, the conditions can be grueling, especially when playing in hot climates. So, it is to say that there are many variables to consider when you place a bet on cricket. In addition, the major factor is weather because overcast conditions tend to favor good swing bowlers. 

Conditions of the pitch also put a huge impact on your bets. Most wickets deteriorate as the day passes, so it is easier to score runs on the first day compared to the fifth day. Time of day also be contributing factor. If the bowlers spend a long day in the field, they may jade after tea. Use this information to your advantage when choosing your cricket bets. One more important thing, don’t forget the new ball, because many wickets fall when a team takes a new ball.

Betting on Twenty20:

It is one of the most favorite and popular cricket formats for cricket betting. It is wordier than a test match. Therefore, a different approach when betting on Twenty20 cricket is necessary. With each side only getting a maximum of 120 balls, the major goal is to score as fast as possible. Of course, batters will take more risks. So, it can limit the chances of a player making a century. 

Well-Aware from Cricket Odds:

Just like other sports betting markets, cricket also comes with betting odds. It will determine your payout if you place successful bets. Cricket betting sites multiply your bet with the odds to come up with your winnings. It explains why opting for betting sites with the best cricket betting odds is crucial. You should know that cricket odds vary depending on the markets. Some betting options have better odds, whereas others offer moderate odds value.

Besides odds, betting sites also offer different odds formats that suit every potential player. With the ideal betting site, you can convert decimal odds or American, European, and Hong Kong for easy conversation. In addition, some bookies also offer Indonesia and Malaysia odds formats for players who do not understand any of the listed cricket odds formats.


Placing cricket nets is just like other kinds of sports betting. The only difference is the kind of markets and events you deal with. However, if you are yet to wrap your head around the complete cricket betting process, follow some important steps. However, the steps that you need to take include loading the betting site you choose, signing in to your account, navigating cricket matches, choosing the format and event, going through the available market, adding your prediction, and last but not least, bet some cash and submit your bet. 

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