Common Craps Strategies for Experienced Players

Read this post to learn the common craps strategies for experienced players like you in the casinos.

For years, ardent gamblers have been drawn to the tremendously thrilling and fast-paced casino game of craps. It may initially seem to be a game based on luck, but you will examine a variety of common craps strategies in-depth in this article. However, each strategy has been thoughtfully designed to meet the requirements of seasoned players. These painstakingly designed strategies will provide you with the information and skills. It will help you to improve your odds and better your overall craps gaming experience, regardless of whether you routinely grace the craps table or are sincerely looking to raise your games. 

Iron Cross Strategy:

The Iron Cross tactic is straightforward. Wait until the table’s focal point is established. After everything is ready, bet on the Field, 5, 6, and 8. By doing this, you will win on any roll other than a 7. Moreover, every time the dice roll, one of 36 outcomes is possible. When you bet on the Iron Cross Strategy, you win on 30 of those 36 possible outcomes. The Field making contact is the ideal case. Your Field bet will, therefore, double, but your 5, 6, and 8 bets will stand. Additionally, some casinos will even pay you twice or three times your Field bet if the outcome is a 2 or 12. 

You will lose your Field stake but win some money if a 5, 6, or 8 land. You will lose every bet if the number seven appears. When you have a hot shooter, this can be one of the best craps strategies. Furthermore, your chip total will increase with any roll other than a 7. You can quickly create a significant stack of chips if the shooter can continue for a sufficient amount of time.

3 Point Molly:

Making numerous large bets on bets with a low house edge is the main objective of the 3-point molly craps strategy. Placing bets on half of the place locations might significantly boost your payoff odds. Using this, one of the best craps strategies would include placing a pass line bet, a come bet with maximum odds on the point. Additionally, an additional bet on a third number and continuing to play until the point of seven or eleven is thrown. With the help of these craps betting strategy pointers, you could be able to do more than makeup for your losses. However, this is a risky tactic that, if you need to comprehend the gamble, could result in you accruing numerous large losses. Only players who understand the game and have a bankroll that can withstand numerous losses should use this sophisticated craps strategy. 

Mini Max Craps Strategy:

The Pass Line, Don’t Pass, and Parlay bets are all combined in the mini-max betting strategy. It leads to creating one of the best craps strategies for winning. The components work together to create the finest possible version of this system. Players of various skill levels should use it as well. The odds of winning are the same whether an amateur plays $50 or a seasoned pro stakes $10,000. The goal of this tactic is to make sure that everyone can win in craps. They can therefore collect the generous prizes given to crap winners. 

The mini-max method, as its name suggests, enables players to earn enormous sums of money. Your smallest wager will be enough to turn you into the next great winner. Low initial deposits might eventually produce hundreds of cash for the gambler. However, you need to play consistently with a tiny quantity. This strategy protects against game losses for low rollers. This tactic benefits players by concentrating on reducing significant losses. Players occasionally lose horribly when the system has problems. The Mini Max strategy’s primary objective is to enable you to win; thus, this is less frequent.

Hedge Bets Strategy:

Any combination is eligible for a hedge bet, but you should know that some bets take many rolls to settle. It raises whether certain wagers can cover up weaknesses in other bets. Although some logic is behind it, hedge bets do not lower the house edge. There are a few hedge bets that might be successful, and with any craps, hedging typically takes place during the come-out roll. For instance, you might wager $5 on pass and $1 on any craps. 

You earn $5 on the pass, lose $1 on craps, and make $4 profit if the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11. It is one of the most popular craps strategies among experienced craps players. However, there are several ways to lose, which you should take into account before using this strategy. Depending on your preferred style of play, you can also put hedge bets with any 7.


Craps is a game that combines luck and skill, perfect for experienced players looking to employ advanced craps strategies. The Iron Cross, 3-Point Molly, and Regression Strategy are just a few techniques to enhance your craps gameplay. Although strategies can increase your chances, they cannot ensure success. Always gamble responsibly and within your means.

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