Can You Win in a Blackjack Game Without Doing Card Counting?

Know here if you can win at blackjack without using card counting in this post. To find out, read the entire article.

Blackjack is a very popular casino game out of many. All the blackjack players are always looking for ways to beat the odds. It is because the blackjack game is a highly strategic and mathematical casino game. In addition, card counting is one of the most successful strategies of Blackjack. It will help players to improve their odds of winning. Due to card counting’s popularity, the mainstream population and even most blackjack players consider it the only way to get an edge. The truth is that you don’t have to count cards to win Blackjack. Rather than that, you can use plenty of other techniques that will help you to win. 

Can a Blackjack Player Win Without Card Counting?

Counting cards at the blackjack game allows you to keep track of the running and true count while the dealer is dealing with cards. Of course, professional card counters clearly understand which cards have already been a dealer and which have not yet. Knowing this can greatly help them to understand how to act next. Blackjack is all about your skill. So, if you do count right, you can get a good chance to win. There are many different ways of card counting across the internet. They are also revolving around more or less the same principles. 

It sounds nice, but the truth is it is not something you can easily start implementing at a casino. It is a skill that you have to work on to become a pro. Once you start participating in it, you will understand that it is way more difficult than it looks. You have to focus on the cards in a way the dealer doesn’t notice anything. It is very difficult, especially if you have no previous experience. Therefore, never start counting cards in a blackjack game if you have not tried it before. Don’t worry; you can still win at Blackjack without card counting. Here are some of the best strategies to help you win in a Blackjack.

Edge Sorting:

It is a great strategy to consider if you are considering how to beat Blackjack without cards counting. Edge Sorting is a strategy famous by the poker legend Phil Ivey. It has helped some professional players earn millions at the Blackjack table. This strategy evolves by looking for flaws in the deck though all decks will not have flaws. Additionally, it is very important for players to be observant to catch a flaw. When the cards rotate by 180°, this strategy becomes easier. However, the flaws can come in several forms, including irregular patterns like half-diamonds on the back or edges. Having the skill to observe and figure out such flaws closely is very important to implement Edge Sorting successfully.

Hole Carding:

Professionals define it as an ability to find out what the dealer’s face-down card might be. Executing Hole Carding will provide you with an edge over the house. There are dealers out there who are “flashers.” It means that they show the hole card before laying it down. However, the twist is that they don’t do this on purpose. This single mistake will place you at an advantage. The mistake is so subtle that not even the dealer or beginner-level players will also know about it. Another important thing professionals see is the dealer peeking at their whole card. In this way, observation skills play a key role. 

Remember that this kind of peeking and spot is called “first basing” or “third basing.” One part of Hole carding is where a player sits at the table. Another thing to spot is whether or not the dealer is right-handed or left-handed. 

Shuffle Tracking:

You can use this strategy under just one condition if the “shoe” has ample cards inside. For the last half-century, dealers have used “card shoe” for most games, including the blackjack game. Dealers use a shoe to prevent card counting from happening. Of course, casinos do everything they can to discourage any card counting. However, that has not stopped professional Blackjack players from changing things up. Shuffle Tracking is not for the faint of heart or the beginner because it is very difficult to execute. The idea of this strategy is that the shuffles are not random. It means that players have the skill to track certain cards.


Of course, card counting in the blackjack game is an established technique. It helps to improve the odds of winning, but there are other methods. If you master these methods, you can beat the odds in Blackjack at a casino.

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