Best Essential Cricket Batting Tips For Newbies

If you want to be a great batter when playing cricket, the cricket batting tips provided here will be extremely beneficial. Check this post for the complete guide.

Every trainee hopes to become a famous cricket player someday. If you are just getting started in sports, you need to know the following information. The most important parts of cricket are bowling, batting, and fielding. If you want to be a great batter while playing cricket, the following Cricket Batting Tips will help you a lot:

Standing sideways

Always stand with your back to the bowler and your feet about two shoulders apart. Keep your back straight and move your hips in a bending motion. When ready to use the bat, turn your non-dominant shoulder toward the bowler and keep your eyes on the ball. Your shoulders should never round forward and always be the same height as your eyes. If you’re right-handed, you should stand on the left side of the stump, but if you’re left-handed, you should stand on the right side.

Grab onto the bat

Always hold the bat steadily and firmly. If you bat right-handed, you should hold the end of the bat that faces the bowler in your left hand. Your right hand should be on top of your left hand, using two fingers and your thumb to hold the bat. If you bat left-handed, you should hold the end of the bat that faces the bowler in your right hand. Make sure that your thumb and fingers are in a comfortable position and that you have a better grip. The opposite is true for left-handed batters. Make sure your hands are close together and that the bat’s paddle fits comfortably in your hand’s palm.

Distance between bat and wicket

Starting in the middle of the field, draw a line to your field. When you’re batting, this will help you find your wicket. When playing the game, ensure that the line you draw with the end of your bat is perpendicular to the middle wicket. The guard line is the name for this line. Use tape to mark the edges of the area you’re practicing in when you’re doing it inside.

Tap the bat on the baseline

If you touch the guard line before you hit, the bowler will know that you are ready to take your turn at the plate. Try not to put too much force into touching the ground. Keeping your body shape means keeping your bat as straight as possible.

Reversing momentum

When the ball is coming at you, and you need to smash it, you should always keep your lead leg forward and swing your bat back for speed. So, the ball is coming at you, you need to hit it. When you raise your bat, you should ensure it goes straight into the air and up to your back shoulder. If the ball is low, hit the chalkboard with it; if it’s high, step over it. When you raise your bat to hit the ball, you want to ensure your forearm is in the right place so that it lines up with your shoulders.

Pay attention to the game

Be sure to always keep an eye on where the ball is going. Follow the instructions until the ball is thrown to you, and you’ll figure out what position you need to be in to hit the ball. As soon as the ball starts coming toward you, please start thinking about how you will hit it. If the ball is pitched in the right spot, you can drive it and take a long shot. If it is pitched too high or too low, you should take a defensive shot instead. This is one of the most important cricket batting tips for a beginner to know and do when batting in cricket, so don’t forget it!

Swing the bat in a downward direction

When the ball has stopped bouncing, bring your bat down and hit. Put your lead leg in front of you and turn your elbow to face the bowler. Keep swinging all the way through to get as many hits as possible on the ball. This is the most common way to hit the ball in cricket batting tips. It is called a “straight drive.”


I hope that these tips were useful to you. If you can learn these skills early on in your cricket batting tips, you will have a big advantage over the other players on your team, making it much easier for you to score runs.

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