A Complete Guide on How Cricket Sport Works

In this blog post, we are tackling how the cricket sport works. If you are curious to know, read this!

Do you want to know a complete guide on how cricket sport works? It will be a complete guide on how a cricket match is easy to play, resulting in a win for either the first or 2nd team and a similar loss for both teams. In addition, Cricket is one of the most popular games worldwide after soccer. Furthermore, Cricket is a game of rules that regularly gets popular in different regions.

The popularity of the game of Cricket is growing very quickly. Furthermore, the two most popular teams of Cricket were action against each other in a first cricket match. Therefore, those two teams are England and Australia. At the same time, from day one, both teams are rivals for each other. Nowadays, a famous series known as the ASHES series is played between both teams. Furthermore, Cricket is a game that unites different regions to play and enjoy as spectators. Therefore, it is popular with both players and their fans worldwide.

Let us discuss in detail how to play the game of Cricket or how cricket sport works. It is an easy game. There are three different formats of Cricket: Test Cricket, One Day Cricket, and Twenty-Twenty Cricket. Furthermore, Twenty-twenty Cricket and One-Day Cricket are limited-over cricket matches, and Test cricket is known as a long format of Cricket. Below is a complete guide on how cricket sport works.


In Cricket, two teams are playing each other. Furthermore, both teams have 11 players in the playing eleven. Therefore, 11 players can come in to play from each side. 

Match Rules:

There are different rules to play Cricket. Furthermore, a player can bat once during the match before the batter is marked out. Out means the player has to leave the ground, and the next player will replace to start batting.

In the same way, a player will bowl an over consisting of 6 balls. There are limits to bowling number of overs for each bowler in limited-over cricket matches. Furthermore, after completion of 6 balls or an over, another player will replace to bowl the next 6 deliveries. Therefore, a player can only bowl 6 legal bowls. 

Moreover, a player batting on the crease has to score runs by hitting the ball. Furthermore, when the ball reaches out of the boundary without touching the ground batter will get 6 scores. Similarly, if it hits the ground before the boundary moves out of the boundary batter will get 4 scores or runs. Therefore, if the ball doesn’t go out of the boundary, then batters at both sides have to run between both sides of the pitch other and make runs. 

After the innings team batting first will score total runs, and the opposite team has to chase their runs to win the match. Similarly, the first team has to limit the first team and bowl them out before reaching the target to win the match. The team that succeeds in achieving their goal wins the match.


Four umpires supervise each game of Cricket. Furthermore, 2 of the 4 umpires are on-field umpires, 3rd one is the third umpire or TV umpire in modern Cricket. At the same time, the fourth umpire is supervising the match from outside the cricket ground. You can also find an umpire known as the match referee, basically the head of all the umpires. 


Toss is a way of deciding who will play the turn of their choice, which means who will bat first and bowl first during the match. Furthermore, before the toss, both teams must announce their playing eleven.

Rules of Out:

When a ball bowled by a bowler hits the wicket, the batter will be announced as out and known as bowled or hit wicket. Furthermore, if the ball hits the pads of a batter in front of the wickets, he will be out, and the type of out is Leg before the Wickets (LBW). Similarly, if any one of the batters doesn’t reach the crease and the ball hits the wickets before reaching the crease while making runs, he will be out. Therefore, this type of out is known as run out.


In conclusion, here it is important to know the ball bowled by a bowler is of two types that legal and illegal deliveries. When a ball is the illegal opposite team will get a bonus score. Furthermore, both balls are wide, and NO Ball. It is essential to know that you have to review this article in depth so that you will be to deal with how you can play Cricket. Furthermore, this article will help you as a complete guide on how the cricket game works.

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