Will online cricket betting ever be legal in Bangladesh?

Are you looking for an online cricket betting site? More individuals than ever before can wager whenever and on anything they choose because of the internet. Various nations have different internet gambling laws, which aren’t always crystal clear. When it comes to online cricket betting, Bangladesh has yet to enact legislation, which means the law is based on a text written in 1867.

This page will examine the legality of various forms of internet gambling in Bangladesh and determine whether or not the country’s residents widely use it. After reading this article, you should have a good idea of whether or not it is legal to bet online in Bangladesh.

Are online sportsbooks, as well as other forms of gambling, permitted in Bangladesh? Find out what else is going on by reading on!

Regulatory Framework For Online Gambling In Bangladesh

Even more astoundingly, Bangladesh’s sole gaming legislation goes back to 1867, when the British still controlled the nation. When Pakistan earned its independence from India in 1947, it took over the Public Gambling Act 1867 passed in that country.

Nonetheless, what does the 1867 Public Gambling Act cover? It forbids practically all types of betting in Bangladesh, save for horse racing, which is a significant omission. However, despite certain amendments, such as allowing lotteries and clarifying that bonds do not constitute gambling, the 1867 law is still in effect across Bangladesh.

Also, keep in mind that Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority nation, and as such many adhere to Sharia law, which prohibits gambling. However, it is essential to note that Sharia legislation against gambling in Bangladesh is not enforceable in this regard.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Online gambling was not considered when the law was drafted in the late 1800s. Bangladesh has never taken steps to clarify its regulations on internet gambling, in contrast to other nations. As a result, the legality of internet gambling has been left in the hands of the courts. However, many feel that the Public Gambling Act of 1867 extends to internet gambling and that it is unlawful to bet in most ways online. On the other side, In contrast, the law stipulates:

The Truth About Online Gambling

There is still no way to know if Bangladeshi rules make it unlawful to engage in internet gambling, which is disappointing news for anyone seeking clarity. Whether or not cricket betting is allowed in Bangladesh, many inhabitants engage in it daily.

This isn’t an issue since many offshore Cricket betting sites, sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms welcome Bangladeshi players. Crickex for example, accepts players from India & Bangladesh. Bangladeshi players may ensure that their bets are safe and secure since we adhere to tight regulations and have an excellent reputation for fairness.

Bangladesh’s Legalised Sports Wagering

Even though it is illegal, cricket betting is quite popular in Bangladesh, where it may be found in various locations, including bars, residences, and other public spaces. The most popular sport to wager on is cricket, although other popular options include soccer and kabaddi. While it is technically illegal in Bangladesh to bet on practically any sport, the fact is that convictions are relatively uncommon, so most people aren’t worried about being caught.

However, it is worth noting that betting on horse racing is permissible in Bangladesh, but only under specified conditions. On the race day, and only at licenced bookmakers, bets may be made.

The odds of getting convicted for engaging in internet sports betting are much less. It’s unclear if the 1867 act’s requirements would apply even if someone were caught gambling. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, why not check out our sportsbook and cricket book?

Bangladesh Has Many Casinos

To our knowledge, there is no legal casinos betting sites in Bangladesh. In addition, there aren’t any local internet casinos. Despite this, many people continue to play online casino games with relative impunity, knowing they are unlikely to be detected and much less likely to be penalised. Gamblers in Bangladesh like playing blackjack, roulette, and baccarat online and live dealer games, including dealers visible to players through a camera on their computer displays.

Like other forms of gambling, Offshore internet casinos allow Bangladeshis to sign up for accounts. Those asking, “Should I play online casino games in Bangladesh?” can rest assured that the answer is, “Yes.” Crickex has a wide variety of casino games to choose from, so why not stop by today?

Bangladeshi Poker Players

There are no legal poker venues in Bangladesh, and poker is not a popular pastime. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 governs whether or not internet poker is permitted in Bangladesh. As with other types of gambling, how the law is interpreted ultimately determines whether or not online poker is lawful.

Many online poker sites accept players from Bangladesh, and the odds of getting arrested for playing poker online are as small as they are with any other type of gambling.

Bangladesh Has A Lottery

Bangladesh’s major gaming laws were previously amended to expressly legalise lotteries, making them a permissible type of gambling. Bangladesh does not have a national lottery, but many people opt online to play lotteries from other nations. Many reputable websites are available to those who want to play online lotteries.

The Bank of Bangladesh issues bonds, which are akin to lotteries. Those who have winning bonds will be awarded cash awards in dividends. The legislation was amended to clarify that bonds are permissible in Bangladesh.

Payments To Gambling Sites Over The Internet

Many Bangladeshi internet gamblers have difficulties making payments since debit and credit cards are not always accepted. However, using an e-wallet is a simple workaround. They operate as a go-between for your credit/debit card and the gaming site, and our top-rated solutions. Withdrawals from online gambling sites may be made in the same way.

If you’re thinking of depositing Bitcoin, you should consider that it’s unlawful to do so in Bangladesh. Aside from bitcoin, all other cryptocurrencies are forbidden. So, if you decide to use a cryptocurrency to deposit and withdraw money from an online gaming site, you should be aware of the hazards.


Bangladeshi gamblers are looking for information on placing online bets; therefore, it is a straightforward procedure. If you’re already here, the first step is to sign up for an account with Crickex. You’ll get a significant bonus on your initial deposit if you complete the procedure in a few minutes.

You may then search through the numerous marketplaces to discover the best suits your needs. Click “bet,” then “select your stake amount” before confirming your decision. After that, all you have to do is wait and see whether your wager pays off. If you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, your rewards will be promptly credited to your Crickex account

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