Video Poker Vs. Online Slots – Which Game is Better?

In this short post, we are going to compare video poker and online slots to give you an overview of which game is better for your playing.

Regarding online gambling, two of the most popular games are video poker and online slots. While both games offer a thrilling experience, they differ in several ways. There are a variety of video games available in online gambling, but video poker and online slots are two of the most popular. While they’ll appear similar, there are several key differences between the two.

In this article, we will compare video poker and online slots to help you decide which game is better suited to your gaming taste.

Video Poker:

  • It is a game of skill, at the same time as online slots are a sport of danger.
  • Selections should be based primarily on the cards they’re dealt, while online slots require no strategy.
  • Its returns tend to be higher than online slots.
  • It has more versions than online slots.

Online Slots:

  • It relies completely on good fortune, at the same time as video poker calls for ability.
  • It offers bigger revolutionary jackpots than video poker.
  • They are more profitable if you hit the jackpot, while video poker is extra rewarding for popular payouts.
  • They are less complicated and require no strategy or choice-making.

Video poker is a recreation that requires skill and method, at the same time as online slots are primarily based on success. Video poker gives higher returns and greater variations, even as online slots offer larger jackpots and are easier to play. Ultimately, the choice among the two games comes down to non-public choice and gaming style.

The principle variations between video poker and online slots:

Video Poker vs. Standard Slot Machines

Everyone who has ever entered a casino is certainly familiar with slot machines. They have been the iconic “one-armed bandits” in casinos since the late 1800s. The machines are extremely popular, and they are always available, never crabby, always beckoning gamblers to give them a shot.

A video poker machine is classified as a slot machine in the monthly financial reports of casinos. There are a lot of standard slot machines mixed in with them. Untrained eyes may see them as the same. However, becoming a successful video poker player differs from having success playing standard slot machines.


Compared to online slots, video poker is skill-based, while online slots depend entirely on luck. Players in video poker must make choices based on the cards they are dealt, while online slots require no strategy at all.

Video poker players can use their knowledge and skills to improve their chances of winning, while online slot players rely solely on luck.


Compared to standard slot machines, video poker returns tend to be significantly higher. In general, they range from 88% to high 90s and sometimes even 100 percent. The pay table for the game will tell players what the return percentage is. This is not possible when playing standard slot machines.

While video poker payouts can be significant, they need to approach those of standard slots. Slot machines generally have a higher house edge than video poker games.


A lot of preparation is required to play video poker successfully. Playing slots is a complex process. All the effort is rewarded. There is a significant difference between the return on a video poker machine and a standard slot machine.

The percentages range from 88% to high 90s, and sometimes even 100%. Players can also find out the return percentage by looking at the game’s pay table. In the case of standard slot machines, this is not possible.


Both video poker and online slots are fast-paced and fun, making them popular solo online casino games. They both have a lot to offer the recreational gamer. They are solitary pastimes since it’s just you against the machine.

You can learn to play at your own pace, with no public embarrassment when you make a mistake. Furthermore, there’s no pressure to speed the game along like you’d experience in blackjack or craps.


Ultimately, whether video poker or online slots is better depends on personal preference. Both games have similarities and differences, not to mention their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re happy to practice and sharpen your skills, video poker games can be profitable.

But if you’re more interested in blowing off a little steam and relying on luck, online slots may be the better choice.

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