The Types of Roulette Bets That a Must Know

This post will go over the specifics of the most common roulette bet types. You read the article to get all of the details.

Roulette is the famous spinning ball game. The ball will rotate on the table. At the same time, a variety of numbers will appear on the table. The game will depend on the prediction of the player. The correct prediction of the player will increase the winning chance. Conversely, the player also has to select a bet amount. The amount of the bet will select before the play. The roulette bet game depends on the variety of roulette bet types. The types of bets will be helpful for the player to win the game.

Due to the types, the player can place different types of bets. Similarly, the player only has to bet on a specific number. Similarly, it will also divide into the further domain. The detail relevant to the common bet will discuss in the below article. The common bet in roulette is the inside or the outside bet. You read the article to get the complete information.

Betting Outside:

The player will place the outside bet on the parameter of the wheel. Similarly, the bet not place on a specific number. It is one of the common roulette bet types. In the other case, the bet will revolve around the groups of the number. In other words, it will also consider the group of color. 

Black or Red:

The easiest and the most famous bet of roulette bet is red or black. At the same time, the bet will place on the wheel. Furthermore, the player wins the bet when the ball lands on the red or the black. In other words, the bet will also be known as the even money bet. Somehow the even bet held on the 1; 1 ratio. The winning chance of the bet will be 50 by 50. 

Even or Odd:

The bet will be just the same as the red-black bet. The player will be betting on the odd or the even number. So, the winning chance in the roulette bet types will also be similar to the red or black bet. It means a 50% chance of winning. Similarly, on the other side 50% chance of loss. 

Low or High:

The player has the chance to place two different types of bets. Somehow in the low case of the bet. The player will place the bet on the low number. The number starts with 1 and finishes at 18. In the other case, the player will use the roulette bet types for the high bet. The player can place a bet on a huge number. Furthermore, the number starts from 19 and finishes at 36. The odds of the bet are the same 1; 1. It means the player has the same chance if they will lose. 

Columns Bet:

The column bet will place on the ball. While the bet land on the three-designation column. Each column of the table will depend on the 12 numbers. The type of bet increases the wager. In other words, we also say the bet will use to double the amount. The ratio of the odd will be 2:1. Furthermore, take an example for the bet for clarification. In column one, the ball will land on these numbers. The number is 1,4,7,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34.

Bet as Dozen:

The bet will place on the dozens number of the landing ball pitch. While at that time, the bet will be available in the order. Furthermore, the bet will double the money will the odd of 2; 1. For instant, in the dozen bet, the ball will land from 1 to 12 number.

Inside Bet:

The bet which depends on the number available on the inside resolution is the inside bet. In other words, it will also consider the rectangle bet or roulette bet types. In the inside bet, a variety of different bets are also available. You only have to read the below article to get the complete information. 

Bet Straight:

The bet will place on any of the available numbers on the wheel. Similarly, the player will win the bet if the ball lands on the number. In the other case, the player will lose the bet. It is also part of the roulette bet types. On the other side, when the ball does not stay on any number. The payout ratio of the bet is too high. It means the bet leads to the 35; 1 number. 

Bet Split:

In the split bet, the player has to place the bet on the line. The line of the bet will separate the two numbers. In other words, we also call it the surrounding number bet. Somehow the ball will land any of the numbers you predict you will win the bet. The bet also provides a huge winning amount; the ratio is 17:1.


Roulette is an amazing table game. The table depends on the number. The player has to place the bet on the number. The detail is relevant to the roulette bet types will available in the above article. 

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