The Best Game Strategies for Craps Players – Top 3

This post will discuss the best 3 game strategies that you can apply whenever play craps at casinos.

Like other famous casino table games, Craps also looks like a fun game that every casino player should learn to play. However, luck is the determining factor in this game. One most important thing that you need to remember is that certain Craps Game strategies do not always pay off as fast as others. Craps has a very long history. In addition to this, players have an intense love for this fast-paced and thrilling dice game famous as craps.

Remember that among all casino games, learning how to play craps is one of the hardest. Therefore having the right craps strategy is very important. You can use this article to learn the best strategies for playing Craps. It’s also crucial to remember that the game’s odds are actual and that your chances of winning rely on a combination of skill and luck. It means you can only win the game with skill. While there is no guaranteed win for you, there are still a few ways that can help you improve your chances as much as possible. 

Pass Line and Come Bets: The Foundation for Success

The Pass Line and Come bets stand as the bedrock of any well-rounded craps strategy. It forms the nucleus of many successful gaming approaches. A pass line bet is, essentially, a wager that the shooter will roll the point once more after the come-out roll and then roll a 7. Likewise, Come bets are placed post-the-point establishment and mirror the functionality of Pass Line bets. The house edge of this strategy is low at 1.41%, and winning these bets stands to make even more money.

To harness the full potential of this one of the best craps game strategies, it is advisable to complement Pass Line and Come bets with odds bets. It not only enhances potential winnings but also significantly diminishes the house edge. Furthermore, you can build strong bankroll management and foundational bets foundation that will lead to success when playing craps.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Wagers: Bet Against the Shooter

These are also one of the most popular bets among the craps players. These bets are specifically famous among the players who prefer a different and more calculated craps strategy. Once you roll the dice, if there is a number 2 or 3, you win. On the other hand, if the roll number is 7 or 11, you lose. A 12 produces a push in this scenario. When a point is established, the bet on the Don’t Come is assuming that the shooter will roll a 7 and then hit the point once more. At 1.46%, the house edge for this craps strategy is marginally less than that of the Pass Line strategy. This one of the famous craps game strategies may initially seem erratic to those normal to betting with the shooter. However, it provides a lower house edge compared to Pass Line and Comes bets. By adopting a disciplined approach and resisting social pressure to align with the shooter, players can capitalize on the statistical advantage offered by these bets. Furthermore, it potentially paves the way for consistent strategic gains and fosters a distinctive gaming experience.

Place Bets: Targeting Specific Numbers for Higher Payouts

Place bets introduce an element of precision. Through this one of the most popular craps game strategies, you can strategically target these 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 numbers. Next, wager that the selected number will be rolled prior to a 7. These bets offer higher payouts than simple Pass Line or Come bets. It will make them an enticing option for those aiming for substantial wins.

To fine-tune your Place bets strategy, focus on numbers with more favorable odds and integrate them into a thoughtfully devised betting progression. However, striking a delicate balance is essential, as placing bets on every number can swiftly deplete your bankroll. Place bets require a sophisticated grasp of odds and careful bankroll management in order to be successful. It allows you to use each roll to increase your payouts strategically.


Craps are inherently a game of chance. You can master the game with the right strategies. Whether you gravitate towards the classic Pass Line and Come bets, the contrarian allure of Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets, or the targeted excitement of Place bets, proficiency in these top three craps game strategies demands practice, discipline, and a profound understanding of the game. By assimilating these strategies into your craps arsenal, you can elevate your gaming experience. Moreover, you can increase your chances of turning the odds in your favor. In the dynamic world of craps, strategic mastery transforms each roll into an opportunity. It blends the thrill of chance with the precision of strategy for an unforgettable gaming journey.

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