Most Reliable Online Betting sites in Bangladesh

Sports is the best example of an event that keeps people attached, just like several flowers get tied up to make one garland, where the main base is only one thread. Likewise, people can find their heartiest attachment and involvement through different sports, the competitive motives, thrill and probable unexpected twists; results do create adrenaline rush which keeps us much excited for quite of some times.

What is Online Betting?

Getting back to the topic, nowadays, there is a trend getting more and more attention, and that is online betting. Yes, you heard me right; though all forms of gambling and betting are banned, some healthy online-based prediction games are very popular where you have to punt on selective players and predict their performances in the upcoming game. If your prediction executes fruitfully, then you’ll be praised with cash transactions into your account. This is nothing but some betting beneath some fun gaming systems.

Online betting in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most beautiful south Asian countries where you can find three sports enthusiasts in every five people. Now, coming back to the betting purpose in the Bangladeshi sports culture, initially, the ironic note of this topic is that betting and gambling is legally prohibited under the regulations of the 1867 betting act. But at that time, the British Empire was ruling over Bangladesh; therefore, throughout this vast time flow, Bangladeshi law has undergone some modifications and changes. However, there was no notable progress in the betting scenario except horse racing and lottery events.

Best Online Betting sites for Bangladeshi bettors:-

Bangladeshi bettors can bet on international Online Betting sites without any legal hurdles. So here you’re going to have brief information on some of the best Online Betting sites below, where you can bet on and enjoy the games alongside.


So, Crickex is one of the most popular and reliable Online Betting sites in Bangladesh. With an 8.5/10 rating, this site has already grabbed many users and consumers over the Bangladesh sports enthusiastic bettors.


  • It includes an extensive range of online betting types.
  • Availability of play betting is also present here.
  • You’ll get a generous welcome bonus for registering for the first time.


There aren’t such significant drawbacks of that site except this site is for Indian and Bangladeshi User only.

22 BET:-

This one is also a favourite betting site among the bettors of Bangladesh, with almost an 8.0/10 rating; it has come out as a reliable platform to bet on your favourite teams and players.


  • It includes the top 5 betting and punting market varieties.
  • There is an advantage of having 65 different ways of withdrawal methods.
  • You can also experience the facility of live broadcasts.
  • Football jackpot is also available over here.


No such report is notified related to this particular content, but sometimes lagging problems on the web may be a reason for the complaints.


MELBET is also a very popular Online Betting site in Bangladesh. With a 7.8/10 rating, it has set a good benchmark in the betting scenario of the Bangladeshi sports segment.


  • You’ll get 24 hours of customer support over this platform.
  • Moreover, 200 daily events are present here.
  • You’ll get 50 different payment and withdrawal methods as well.
  • And most importantly, you’ll get to choose between two welcome offers for first-time registration.


The bonuses do focus on only accumulative bets.

1X BET:-

This site holds a rating of 7.8/10 as well. It is also a very famous betting site among Bangladeshi bettors. Let’s look at the advantages and the drawbacks of this site as well:-


  • The registration is very fast and easier than the other sites.
  • You’ll get a first deposit bonus over here as well.
  • The most attractive thing to notice over here is the presence of higher-than-average odds.

You’ll get 100+ options to deposit your money.


The only drawback is that the provider’s reputation isn’t stellar.


MOSTBET is also a good option if you are looking for an Online Betting site in Bangladesh. It contains approximately a 7.8/10 rating as well.


  • Its simplicity has made it that much user is friendly and easy for new users.
  • You can get a stunning and amazing welcome bonus to start with.
  • With just a single click, you can start betting on fast games.
  • The fancy thing is of this site is its stylish and modern outlook and features.


The main problem is that you can’t get to bet on any horse racing event.


Though betting is addictive and can be a reason for your unwanted loss of money, still somewhere, it is also another kind of game. The prediction and the surprising results can make you feel thrills and excitement. So, here are some of the best Online betting sites in Bangladesh where Bengali bettors can experience the best and safe healthy gambling. But don’t get too much addictive; play at your own risk and enjoy the fun of prediction and probable chances to win.

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