How To Handle Losing Streaks In Online Gambling?

7 best and most practical to manage losing streaks and not let them kill your enthusiasm and bank balance.

Online Gambling: No one liked losing. But, when we talk about a game of chance, losing seems like an everyday job because these games depend on luck, majorly.  Strategies can help you gain an edge over your peers, help you last longer in a game, and even mark some early victories. But, will they help you avoid losing? No! It may break your heart but that’s the truth.

This is why any punters need to learn the art and science of handling losing streaks in online gambling or betting.

7 Practical Ways for Managing Losing Streaks

Here are our 7 best and most practical to manage losing streaks and not let them kill your enthusiasm and bank balance when you’re engaged in online gambling.

1.     Accept the inevitable

 First this first, you must accept the fact there is no escapism from losing streaks in online gambling. Even the best handicappers and bettors have experienced a couple of times before hitting a jackpot. It’s an eternal truth. Hence, the earlier you accept it, the better it will be for you.  

2.     Take a break

When you’re losing money continuously, you feel tensed and stressed, which is normal. What’s not normal is to continue betting even when you’re losing. In such a stressed mindset, it’s very unlikely for you or any punters to have a clear perspective and make the right decision. 

 The expert approach is to take a break and come back once your mind is calmed and you can think critically.

3.     Have a look at your betting strategy

Are you betting too high? Are your bets on the same outcome? Do you follow superstitions and neglect critical analysis while betting?

If you’re on your losing streak then you must assess your betting strategy during the break. Many times punters follow some standard betting rules, which might work or fail. If your current betting approach is not bringing the desired results, you must tweak it a bit to break the losing cycle.

4.     Adjust your bankroll

 Using the same bet amount after frequent losses is perhaps the best move to make. Experts’ losing streak management advice is to adjust the betting unit size according to the present state of the bankroll. For instance, if you’re total betting budget for the day is $150 and you’ve already lost $100 without marking a victory in the past 5 bets, your next bet size should be smaller than the earlier one so that you can play for longer and have a chance to recoup your losses.

5.     Never exceed limits

We understand that losing money frequently is frustrating. Yet, you must never exceed your betting amount and time duration limits. You must always stick to the betting budget and total online gambling duration that you must have pre-decided.

This way, you can ensure that you don’t lose all of your money on days when luck is not favouring you. Some days, you’re not meant to win and if continue betting in the hope of victory, you will lose more than what you can afford. So, it’s better to stick to the limits and accept your fate for that poor day. Victories in online gambling should never be chased.

6.     Try low-house game

When you’re losing continuously with high-stakes games, you must shift to the house games like Blackjack or Baccarat and avoid participating in jackpot games. Games with lower house edge ensure that you will lose less over time and bag more money per victory if you win. These games also allow you to bet small and play for long, compared to high-valued games.

7.     Managing your emotions

When you’re losing frequently, you should start managing your emotions, which can harm you greatly. You should make sure you’re not overwhelmed or raged due to the losing streak and active inappropriately in online gambling tournaments.

Also, there have been incidences of punters hurting themselves, throwing things at others, and even destroying their assets due to the stress caused by losing streak. If this is how you behave, believe us, you’re increasing your losses. All these things incur extra financial burden and will consume your finances.  Would you like to experience this? If not, you must learn how to manage your emotions during a losing streak, resulting in great savings.

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Final Say

Losing streaks are inevitable and there is no set formula for avoiding it. However, you must ensure that these losing streaks are not causing any harm to your savings, mental health, and even your future online gambling endeavours.  To avoid this from happening, you must know the losing streak management skills that we just shared with you.

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